8-BitRyan Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Their net worth is ~$1 million, and he is currently making a minimum of  $5,000 and as much as $88,000.


Do you know Who is 8-BitRyan?

Born on June 24, 1994, in England, UK, under the sign of Cancer, and with British citizenship, 8-BitRyan is well-known for the YouTube channel he and Bazamalam co-founded.

One YouTuber who chose not to reveal his true name to his followers is Ryan; some YouTubers are even more evasive by never revealing their faces in their videos.

His first name is Ryan; however, his last name is still unknown due to his moniker. Fans of the actor seem to like the mystery because they are not adamant about learning his last name.

8-BitRyan: Early Life and Family

He is claimed to be an only child who is very close to both his parents.

Since he was a young child, Ryan has enjoyed playing video games, and he is grateful to his parents for not pressuring him to put down his console and spend more time outside with his friends. His involvement with video games aided in the beginning of his career and his rise to fame.

Professional Career

Ryan was interested in music before he started using the YouTube network, and he had aspirations of playing the drums for a well-known band. He worked as a drum instructor while actively looking for a band to join; but, when he decided to pursue gaming instead of continuing to pursue his aspirations of becoming a well-known drummer, things changed for him.

Ryan’s career officially began on March 18, 2015, when he created the “8-BitRyan” YouTube account, with the caption “Welcome to my channel, my name is Ryan! You may anticipate seeing a wide range of video game entertainment based on almost every genre out there! Why not remain here if this is what you enjoy doing? You won’t be sorry! Ryan and his YouTube partner Bazamalam both post-game-related videos, but Ryan is best known for his plays of horror games like “FNAF,” “Geometry Dash,” and many more. The channel currently has more than two million subscribers, and the total number of views for all of its videos is close to 600 million.

The “8-BitGaming” YouTube channel, which was established on August 23, 2013, is similarly maintained by Ryan and Bazamalam. Its description is “Welcome to 8-BitGaming!

Two friends who are passionate about giving other gamers fun run! If you think this is your cup of tea, subscribe to our work and join us! They use the channel to publish gaming content, which is quite similar to what they upload on their main channel, and it presently has more than a million subscribers and 280 million views across all of their videos.

8-BitRyan Dating Life (Relationship)

His supporters are positive that the female YouTuber he is dating right now is someone he found online; the two are alleged to have met on Tinder and decided to embark on a date after two months of corresponding. According to what his followers have said, the two fell in love right away and have been dating for the past year and a half. However, neither of them has backed up any of this.

Another thing that hasn’t been confirmed is that Ryan is also thought to be gay because he rarely talks about women.

Activities and other Passions

Ryan has a cat named Dog and is an animal lover. He posted a photo of his cat on his Instagram account and wrote that he would post more photos of his cat when he had nothing more insightful to offer to his followers. Although he eventually gave up on his desire to work in the music industry, he is a tremendous admirer of music. He also enjoys watching movies and has produced a few movie review videos. He doesn’t travel much since he would rather stay in his hometown where he feels at home.

8-BitRyan Net worth, Earnings

Their net worth is ~$1 million, and he is currently making a minimum of  $5,000 and as much as $88,000 per month, but this is before YouTube and its partners take their cut which is said to be 50 percent.

How Tall is 8-BitRyan? Weight, Hair Color

  • Ryan is 25 years old
  • Medium long brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • He has had both his ears stretched.

Social Media

  • Twitter was created in December 2014; 60,000 followers; tweeted ~3,500 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~60,000 people; uploaded ~50 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~700

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