A look at the life of Salice Rose, who is 24 years old.


Salice Rose was in an abusive relationship with one of her…letting her fans know about her past abusive relationship on her…she was in a relationship with met each other when she was in…both decided to be in a relationship and everything was…Salice’s girlfriend made her feel…

Salice Rose

Salice Rose is an American Instagram and YouTube star who became famous for posting a lot of videos on Instagram. She has gained more than 7.6 million followers in a short amount of time. A feature called “My Story” was added to SnapChat, and she gained a lot of followers because of it.

Salice Rose: This is her bio. Age and height

When Salice was born in 1994, he was born on November 20th. She has two brothers and a sister who is older than her. She is of Hispanic descent. When she is tall enough, she has a body that is 34-24-34 inches.

Salice Rose, who is now 24, went to a military school when she was about 16 years old. Even though her real name hasn’t been made public yet, she is known as “Salsa Roja” because of her red hair. “Popeye’s Queen” is what she also calls herself because she loves this restaurant and their great biscuits. In the movie, Rose has a lot of tattoos all over her body. The huge tattoo on her hand, which reads “California,” is said to be a sign of her love for the place where she was born. It means a lot to her to have all the tattoos that she has had up until today. As long as her hands always have a tattoo of California on them, that tattoo always has a place in her heart.

Salice Rose won’t be afraid to hear about how she had an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

It’s possible to have an abusive relationship with someone other than a guy. Salice rose was in an abusive relationship with one of her ex-girlfriends, whose identity she chose not to share with you. When Salice tells her fans about the abuse she suffered in the past, she says this. Adds, they met when she was in college. Soon after a few dates, both of them agreed to be in a relationship, and everything was great at the start. As time went on, Salice’s girlfriend made her feel useless, unwanted, insecure, and unloved by making her feel these things.

This made Salice even more down and sad. Even though she realized after a while the person she was in a relationship with wasn’t good enough to be loved by her. She made the decision to be kind to herself first rather than give the person she was in a relationship with her love.So, she decided to break up with her ex-girlfriend and move on from the friendship. As of now, she is having a good time being single.

Salice Rose made a lot of money, so how did she do it?

Salice is also well-known on YouTube, where she has more than 1.6 million subscribers. More than 48.3 million people have watched her videos on her channel since it was launched in 2014. For her vlogs, she is the most well-known. She also posts other types of videos, like challenge videos, from time to time. My Coming Out Story had more than 2 million views on YouTube, and How I Make My Eyelashes So Long had 3.4 million views (2.5 million views). It’s clear that Salice makes a good amount of money from ads because her YouTube channel has more than 48.3 million views together. According to what we know, she has a net worth of about $ 500,000.

When Salice came out in front of her family, she was brave enough to do it.

She told her family in 2017 that she was gay for the first time. People were excited for her when she came out as gay in front of her Christian family. She didn’t want to hide who she was. Her fans were so inspired by her story that she even made a YouTube video on how to come out in front of your family. Salice is very open and honest, which is why she has a lot of fans all over the world.