Abraham Quintanilla Jr Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Aside from these, the remainder of his body measurements is not currently available on the internet.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is a songwriter and producer who started out as a vocalist. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is best known as the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla’s father. He is now the Selena Foundation’s founder.

Early Life, Age, Parents

On February 20, 1939, Abraham was born. He is a guy aged 83. He was also born in Corpus Christi, Texas. As a result, he is an American citizen.

Similarly, he was born under the sign of Pisces. He was born to mother Maria Tereza Calderon and father Abraham Gonzalez Quintanilla Sr ( Father).

His folks used to glean vegetables, cotton, and fruits for a living. However, to support his family, his father, Abraham Quintanilla Sr, worked as an autobody repairman.

Abraham Jr. was born into a family of eight children, five of whom were his siblings. Although the names of his siblings are unknown at this time.


He attended Roy Miller High School in his hometown. He wasn’t the most studious person. As a result, he and his high school buddies founded the Gumdrops, a chorus. Abraham was a quick learner.

He was interested in music and wanted to test his ability. As a result, he dropped out of high school in his final year to pursue his aspirations. His mother, on the other hand, was not pleased with his decision.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. has a net worth of $20 million.

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, according to various publications. Abraham is a record producer as well as the creator of the Selena Foundation.

Although specifics about his salary and other assets are not yet public, it is safe to assume that he earns a good living.

Relationship Situation

Abraham is a husband and father who is married to Marcella Samora. He met his wife while serving in the military, and the couple married in 1963. He’s the father of three kids. Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III was his firstborn son.

Suzette Michelle Quintanilla, his second child, was also born in 1967. Selena, his second daughter, was born in April 1971. He is devoted to his family. He and his entire family, however, had to deal with the devastating loss of his beloved daughter Selena.

Quintanilla, Selena

Selena, his third child, was born at the Freeport Community Hospital on April 16, 1971. Selena had a musical talent that her father recognized at a young age. He made the decision to realize his aspirations through his children.

He engaged her in vocal training without more delay. He titled his new band Selena y Los Dinos, which translates to Selena and The Guys, after his previous band.

He also created a restaurant called PapaGayos so Selena could perform in public. However, due to the aftereffects of World War II, the establishment was closed down. He had not given up on his aspirations despite being evicted from their own homes.

He and his daughter performed at many social occasions such as weddings, parties, and other social events. Selena was ultimately signed by Freddie Records in 1984 after overcoming numerous challenges in her life.

Her father, however, relocated her to Cara Records shortly after the publication of her first record. Selena’s career developed with time, and she and her bands reached new heights. Selena has won a Grammy in the past for her record “Best Mexican-American Album”.

Happiness, however, did not last long for Selena and her family. On March 31, 1995, a lady named Yolanda Saldivar viciously murdered Selena. Yolanda ran the Selena fan group and managed the Selena stores.

Professional Career

He first gave his goal of becoming a professional singer wing in 1957, when he saw his former colleagues perform. Just thereafter, he learned that one of the band members was leaving, leaving the group without a vocalist.

He then fired his weapon and approached the band. Los Dinos was the name of the band. In 1959, the band released its first single. The song’s title was “So Hard To Tell,” and it quickly became famous on a radio station in Abraham’s hometown.

Their song single, like their previous one, was a hit and garnered a lot of radio in South Texas. Their status as a musical band expanded even more after this song.

It wasn’t always a pleasant day for the Los Dinos. Because they were of Mexican ancestry, the band endured intense racial discrimination and hostility. Their performances were canceled only because they were Mexican Americans.

Similarly, they were denied various lodgings while traveling out of town to perform. Unlike their previous tracks, their third and fourth singles performed poorly.

The band didn’t release new music for a long time since he was drafted into the military in 1961 and discharged in 1963. After he entered the band, they began to experiment with new musical styles such as American pop and rock and roll.

Dow Chemical Company

After leaving the band, he began working full-time for Dow Chemical. However, he is not currently employed there. He most likely resigned from his job at Dow Chemical following the death of his daughter Selena.

More on his Professional Career

While his daughter was still alive, he began to create albums that would never see the light of day. Following the loss of his daughter Selena, he became involved with a number of projects involving his daughter’s conversations. He was asked to many television shows to discuss his late daughter.

Similarly, there are a few documentaries and films on Selena in which he appears. Similarly, he and the rest of his family established the Selena Foundation to assist youngsters in need.

Body Measurement

Abraham has dark brown eyes and black hair. Aside from these, the remainder of his body measurements is not currently available on the internet. More information is currently being gathered.

Abraham Quintanilla Social media

He is not a big fan of social media, unlike other individuals. As a result, he has no social media accounts. His son, on the other hand, does upload images of him on various occasions on his account.

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