Do you know Who is Adam Kovic?

Adam Kovic is of Croatian heritage, but was born on 20 February 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and with American nationality – Adam is well-known for being a member of “The Rooster Teeth” gaming clan. He is also known as “The Dead Pixel,” “Adam the Kovic,” “Koko,” “Papa Kovic,” and “Pikovic.”

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Adam Kovic: Early Life and Family

Adam spent his youth in Los Angeles with his parents, although he never speaks about his family or siblings and does not appear to have a close relationship with them. He used to adore playing video games as a kid since it was his escape from the real world; he also wanted to join the military because several of his family members had enrolled, and his uncle Ron Kovic was depicted by Tom Cruise in the film “Born on the Fourth of July.”

Adam Kovic Education Details

Adam enrolled in college after graduating from a local high school, but he wasn’t committed and dropped out. He began working at a business directly across the street from his house; he soon learned about the Machinima and other gaming clans and resolved to become involved in the gaming industry in some way.

Adam Kovic Dating Life (Relationship)

He is married to Jessica “Jess” Auten; they married on August 4, 2012, in North Hollywood, and they currently live in Los Angeles, close to Adam’s uncle Ron, however, they rarely see one other.

Adam Kovic’s net worth and earnings

Adam’s current net worth is projected to be more than $3 million, and it is extremely likely to rise as long as he remains active in The Rooster Teeth and on his social media accounts.

Who exactly was Ron Kovic?

Adam’s uncle served in Vietnam and returned as both a Veteran Hero and an anti-war activist; the film “Born on the Fourth of July” is based on him and chronicles his life. Adam’s father served in the Gulf War, and his grandfather also served there, which inspired Adam to join the military, but he never did.

Adam Kovic Professional Career

Adam’s career began when he joined the “Attack of the Show” program, which broadcast on G4 – he originally worked as a talent seeker in the Miscellaneous Crew department for 10 months before being elevated to write and produce their shows in June 2006. It was a prominent gaming show, and Adam was reporting from behind the scenes of the gaming industry, about developers who went out of business, canceled projects, and new games.

After a year of working for the show, Adam and some of his pals were dismissed because the producers were unhappy with the ratings and wanted to restructure the program entirely – Adam’s friend Bruce Greene assisted him in getting a job at Machinima.

Adam also dabbled in acting, appearing in many web series and animated cartoons produced by Machinima, including “Critical Flaw,” which was canceled after 11 episodes due to low viewership, “Nerdist vs. Machinima,” “Inside Gaming Animated,” and “Creepy Text Theatre Animated.”

His favorite blunders he made while working at Machinima

Adam remembers every time he messed up, and two of them he will never forget: during one of his YouTube gaming reviews, he referred to the “Far Cry 2” game as a “Skyrim with firearms,” which none of his audience appreciated, joking about Adam and saying how “x is like y with z”! The second time he erred was when he interviewed Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime and stated, ‘Nintendo is quite rigid when it comes to press interviews, and he had already planned the questions I would ask him.’

Collaboration with Rooster Teeth

Adam and many of his Machinima friends formed the “Funhaus” group with the Rooster Teeth gaming group in Los Angeles, with Adam functioning as their Content Producer.

Adam has been in many of Rooster Teeth’s online series; he was the first FunHaus member to participate in the “On The Spot” series, voiced a character in the “X-Ray and Vav” TV series, appeared in the “Off-Topic Podcast,” “Million Dollars, But…”, and starred in “Civilization: The Movie.” He also voiced Tha Scaling in “Sex Swing” and appeared in six episodes of “The Eleven Little Roosters.”

Adam has been with FunHaus since January 2015, where he works as an online video content creator, actor and voice actor, host, and content producer. He also works for The Rooster Teeth’s other subsidiary, “On The Know,” where he is largely involved in the same activities as at FunHaus.

How Tall is Adam Kovic? Weight, Hair Color

Adam is 34 years old right now. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, but his height and weight are unknown; he has a tattoo on his left arm that says “God is in his paradise.” Everything is fine in the world.’

Adam Kovic Interesting facts

Adam is deathly afraid of sharks. His friends and wife have stated that he chats and snores while sleeping, which drives the other residents insane.

Adam Kovic Social media

Adam is quite active on numerous social media platforms; he started a Twitter account in April 2008 and has about 350,000 followers and has tweeted over 30,000 times. He has around 200,000 Instagram followers and has posted over 500 photos.

Adam also has his own YouTube channel, which he created on September 9, 2013, and has over 150,000 followers and over 4.2 million views across all of his videos.

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