Adrienne Bailon Is a Loving Stepmother to Children of Israel Houghton

Because they only have about 13 years of age.

Adrienne Bailon Is a Loving Stepmother to Children of Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon tied the knot on November

Israel Houghton

When did Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon get married?

November 11, 2016. Singer Israel Houghton married Adrienne Bailon, a famous singer and TV host. He married Meleasa Houghton, his ex-wife, in February 2016.
Adrienne and Israel got married the same year. She is also a stepmother to her husband’s children from a previous relationship, because they live with her. The YouTuber who talks about her life openly on social media has said that she has a good relationship with her stepchildren.

Israel Houghton has  four children

On Israel’s IMDb profile, Meleasa Houghton is the name of his first wife, who is now his ex-wife. They married in 1994. As time went on and they were married, they had three children: Sonny, Mariah, and Lillie. Their son, Sonny Houghton, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who is also a good friend. The director of marketing at Beat Bank, a platform that lets people make, mix and master their own music.

As a content director at Beat Bank, Lillie Houghton works with her father, Sonny, who is her father. Mariah Houghton, on the other hand, is a model and a person who likes to be creative, which can be seen on her Instagram account. His son is Jordan Houghton, and sometimes he talks about him on Instagram.
However, Meleasa, Jordan’s ex-wife, is not his real mother. There is even proof of this in Meleasa’s Instagram bio. She says that she is the mother of Mariah, Sonny and Lillie there.
There’s a good chance that Jordan is Israel’s son from a previous relationship that the gospel singer hasn’t told us about yet. It looks like Jordan and his father and stepmom have a lot in common. He also promotes his father and Adrienne’s work through his Instagram account.

In Jordan’s case, he is also a father

This will happen on May 4, 2021. Jordan Houghton, son of Israel’s son Jordan and wife Leiaira Marie Houghton, will be born that day.

Because of that, Isreal also became a grandfather, so When he heard the news, he even took to Instagram to share it and say how happy he was. “He’s so cute! I already love her “To describe the post, he put a caption on it Adrienne is willing to talk about how she feels about Israel’s kids. Neither Adrienne, nor anyone else, is afraid of letting anyone in. ‘All Things Adrienne’ is the name of her YouTube channel, which implies that she is willing to share her life experiences with her viewers. She also mentions this in her promotional video.
The fact that she is so willing to let people into her life may have helped her get along so well with Israel’s children. She said even more about how she thought she would be a part of the kids’ lives for a long time. “Honored. As I think about it, I think that when you love someone, you love every part of them and everything that comes with them “She also said: “It’s great to see how smart, wise, kind, and generous they are, and how much of him they have.”

During an episode of The Real Daytime in May 2017, the TV star said that her stepchildren don’t call her a stepmom, but rather “Lit Mom” because they had a “lit” relationship with each other.

Her Close Relationship with One of the Daughters Makes Her a Good Person.

There are a lot of kids in the family, but Adrienne seems to be best friends with Israel’s daughter Mariah. The mother-daughter duo has a great relationship, which has been seen on many different occasions.
Mariah turned 24 on August 31, 2020, so the diva took to Instagram to say happy birthday to Mariah, who is now 25. My favorite person to be extra with turned 24 today. Lol. All of these pictures are of us, and they always will be. ‚ It means a lot that I love you. … let the fun start!

Mariah has even made an appearance on her stepmom’s YouTube account. At some point in 2020, Adrienne will post a video on her YouTube channel called “Meet My Sister… I mean, Stepdaughter!” in which she says they will talk about “all things Mariah” that day. In the beginning of the video, both said that they didn’t like the word “stepdaughter” or “stepmother.” In addition, the two women said that they had the same height, shoe size, and clothing size. They also talked about how people think they are sisters, because they look so much alike!

Because they only have about 13 years of age difference, it’s not surprising that they’re confused about what to do next.

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