Afshin Shahidi

Afshin Shahidi

Who exactly is Afshin Shahidi?

Afshin Shahidi was born on September 7, 1969, in Mashhad, Iran, under the sign of Virgo. He is a filmmaker, photographer, and director of photography best known for being one of Prince’s principal photographers. He is also the father of Yara Shahidi and Sayeed Shahidi, both actors.

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Afshin Shahidi: Early Life and Family

In terms of his early life, Afshin Shahidi appears to have spent some of his boyhood outside of Mashhad, Iran, where he was nurtured alongside his brothers by his parents, the names and occupations of whom have not yet been given to the public.

Education Details

He came to the United States with his family when he was eight years old, therefore he has Iranian-American nationality and is of Iranian Azerbaijani heritage. The media does not have access to information on his education.

Afshin Shahidi Dating Life (Relationship)

Aside from his work as a camera assistant and cinematographer in the film industry, Afshin Shahidi rose to prominence through his partnership with Prince. He was one of the iconic musician’s primary personal photographers, and in October of 2017, he produced “Prince: A Private View,” a photo book dedicated to their partnership.

Afshin also worked on the 2005 short documentary “Life Of The Party: On The Road With Prince And The New Power Generation.”

Afshin Shahidi is a married man; he has been married to Keri Salter Shahidi for more than two decades; she is a Native Choctaw, best known for her work as an actress and producer on films such as “In The Motherhood,” “American Dad!”, “X,” and “Hair Love.” They currently live in Los Angeles, California.

Afshin and Keri are the parents of three children. In February 2000, she gave birth to a daughter named Yara Sayeh Shahidi, followed by a boy named Sayeed Shahidi in February 2003, and a second son named Ehsan Shahidi in March of 2008. Yara and Sayeed are actresses in the film industry, and their parents actively support them.

Afshin Shahidi Net worth, Earnings

His professional career began in 1990, and he has remained an active member of the entertainment industry since. So, if you’ve ever wondered how wealthy Afshin Shahidi is, credible sources estimate that his net worth is more than $1 million, which he has amassed via his successful profession. If he continues to advance in his job, his net worth will undoubtedly rise in the following years.

Professional Career

Afshin Shahidi began his career as a camera assistant in 1990 when he worked on the short documentary film “Stonelight.” Three years later, he worked on Brian Sloan’s short drama “Pool Days,” and in the same year, he made his debut as a cinematographer with the title “Off In The World,” establishing his net worth. Afshin became fairly active in 1995, working on movies such as the drama “The Cure,” the horror thriller “Embrace Of The Vampire,” and the romantic comedy “Mallrats.”

He worked on the thriller “Friends ‘Til The End” two years later, and then on the 1998 romantic comedy “Overnight Delivery.” By the end of the decade, he’d worked as a camera assistant on the romantic comedy “Drop Dead Gorgeous” (1999), the western drama “All The Pretty Horses” starring Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz, and as a cinematographer on the film “Mulligan,” both in 2000.

Afshin continued to have success after success as the new millennium began, initially working in the camera department on titles such as “Kingdom Come,” “Daddy And Them,” and “Joe Somebody,” all in 2001.

Afshin most recently worked on his daughter’s 2018 short drama “X,” as well as Philip Harder’s documentary “The Claw,” which is currently in post-production. So his net worth is undoubtedly increasing.

What is Afshin Shahidi’s height? Hair color, weight

In terms of Afshin Shahidi’s age, as previously stated, he was born in 1969, making him 49 years old. Afshin, although in his late 40s, is still a very attractive man. In terms of appearance, he is bald and has dark brown eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall, but there is no information regarding his weight or vital data.

Social Media

Aside from his role in the entertainment industry, Afshin is also an active member of several of the most famous social media platforms, which he uses not only to advertise his upcoming projects but also to share images from his personal life and other content with his admirers. So he has his official Instagram account, which has over 50,000 followers, and his official Twitter account, which has less than 2,000 followers. Aside from that, he has a website where you can find out more about his career.

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