After Endless Plastic Surgery, What Happened to Hang Mioku? Know What She’s Doing Right Now


Learn about Hang Mioku’s age, her current life after plastic surgery, her near-death obsession with surgeries, and her before and after photos.

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth July 8, 1963
  • Nationality Korean
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Ethnicity/Race Asian
  • Hair Color Black
  • Children/Kids 2
  • Birth Place South Korea
  • Profession Former Model
  • Eye Color Black
  • Son/s Hunter
  • Daughter/s Natalie
  • Husband/Spouse Beau Biden

People in today’s world are striving to reach perfection in their lives, particularly when it comes to their physical appearance. Plastic operations are most commonly used in the entertainment industry, where well-known models are concerned about their physical appearance.

Hang Mioku, a Korean model who became obsessed with plastic surgery, ended up with a completely damaged face as a result of the procedure.

Here is a summary of statistics regarding Hang Mioku’s age, her plastic surgery addictions, her before and after images, and what she is doing now.

Mioku has been addicted to plastic surgery since he was 28 years old

Mioku had her first plastic surgery when she was 28 years old. She was born on July 8, 1963. She was so attracted by it that she had plastic surgery on her face multiple times, and she gradually grew obsessed with it.

Her sole desire was to have smoother skin and appear more attractive than others.

However, because to the significant potential of negative consequences, it had to be halted. Her doctors eventually disagreed to her decision and refused to do any further plastic surgery on her, claiming that if she was injected with silicone injects one more time, her face would become even more subjugated.

Mioku, on the other hand, was headstrong and refused to listen to the physicians, so she decided to try plastic surgery on herself.

She started by injecting the entire bottle of market silicone into her face. However, due to the high cost of silicone, she had to put a firm stop to her ambition. However, the Korean native, who had become infatuated with plastic surgery, couldn’t keep it up for long.

Because she couldn’t afford silicones, she was left with no choice except to inject cooking oil into her face, a procedure that drastically changed her life. The cooking oil insertions didn’t help her get the plastic surgery she wanted; instead, they swelled and scarred her cheeks and forehead.

Mioku’s injured face was the result of her desperate need for plastic surgery, and she appeared so mangled that even her parents couldn’t recognize her.

Mioku was subsequently taken to the doctor, where it was determined that she suffered from a psychological illness over which she had no control.

The model, who was previously a well-known face in the Korean entertainment business for her modeling and singing abilities, is struggling to keep up in the modern world due to her obsession with improving her physical appearance through plastic surgery.

Her Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Before the plastic surgery, the Korean Model was undeniably the greatest, with a bright and appealing shine in her face.

Hang Mioku’s photo collection: Top right (before plastic surgery), top left (after plastic surgery), bottom left (reversal surgery), bottom right (after reversal surgery). (Photo: Koreaboo)

However, looking at Mioku’s facial structures change over time as a result of her plastic surgeries, it’s clear that operations aren’t always beneficial.

Mioku is still alive and works at a thrift store

When news of her obsession went viral, she received financial support from her fans to attempt reversal surgeries.

Only 60 grams of foreign substance were removed from her face and 200 grams from her neck during her initial recovery procedure. Hang then underwent a series of reversal surgeries in an attempt to reclaim her original appearance, despite the fact that the damage had already been done.
Her face almost recovered from the swells after nearly a dozen reversal procedures, but much of her facial scarring became permanent and more prominent than before.

She worked at The Beautiful Shop, a recycled clothing store, according to Dailymail in 2013.

Mioku is still alive today, but her life is as miserable as it gets thanks to her obsessions with procedures and surgeries.