After his breakup with Sara Ruminski, Amiri King has a new girlfriend

Amiri King has been on a dating binge.

After his breakup with Sara Ruminski, Amiri King has a new girlfriend

Since his breakup with ex-fiancee Sara Ruminski, Amiri King has been on a dating binge.

Amiri King is an extremely active user of social media. Since his breakup with ex-fiance Sara Ruminski, he has been on a dating binge, according to his Instagram name. Brittany Smith is the woman with whom the YouTube star is now dating.

Continue reading to learn more about the former couple’s relationship and what happened to Amiri King and Sara after their breakup.

Ruminski’s History and Amiri King

On social media, the parody artist is very upfront about his relationships. He enjoys posting photos of the women he is continually dating. His marital status, though, remains a mystery.

When King and Ruminski were dating, he frequently posted about their relationship on his social media accounts. He even announced their engagement on Twitter with the message, “I’d be a fool if I ever let you go away. As a result, I won’t. Sara recently received a promotion.”

Five months later, in January 2018, the YouTuber’s message, in which he addressed Sara as ‘Mrs. King,’ fuelled rumors that he was taking their relationship to the next level.
Many publications believed Ruminski was his wife after the article. However, there are no specific proofs to back up this claim.

Although nothing is known about how the couple split up, the comedian’s last photo of his ex-fiancee was of her getting convicted of heroin possession.
King has been posting images of himself with many ladies since their breakup. He has, however, been openly dating Britanny Smith since December.

New Girlfriend of Amiri King

On December 15, 2020, King made his first post about his new girlfriend Brittany Smith. Smith is a Brazilian woman, and they’ve been dating for a long time, according to the caption, which ends with the words “so far, so good.”

While eating supper as a family, he publicly revealed her as his girlfriend on his youngest daughter Tilly’s birthday post.

His partner, unlike King, isn’t really active on social media. Her Instagram is primarily comprised of selfies.

According to one of King’s Instagram posts, she is the type of lady who will take her lover out on a date without hesitation. The YouTuber boasted that it was the first time a lady had paid him dinner in his life. Looking back at King’s extensive succession of girlfriends, it was difficult to predict who would last. However, we feel this is true based on how quickly he defends Smith on social media sites and how their humor fits.

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