After his divorce from his wife, Rodney Mullen met a supportive girlfriend.

Rodney Mullen, known as the “Godfather of Street Skating,” went missing for several years owing to a failed marriage and hip difficulties. His passion for skateboarding, on the other hand, proved to be more than his health and marital issues could handle.

Rodney Mullen, dubbed the “Godfather of Street Skating,” returned to freestyling after divorcing his thirteen-year-long wife. Rodney had been missing for years due to a broken relationship and hip issues.

However, his passion for skateboarding outweighed his health and marital issues, and he finally returned to his favorite sport in better shape than ever.

Not only that, but Rodney has found love in his new girlfriend, who is always there for him.

Rodney called it quits after a thirteen-year marriage.

Rodney Mullen was formerly married to Traci Mullen, a former saleswoman for World Industries, where he was a partner and board manufacturer. In April of 2000, the two tied the wedding.
However, their relationship came to an end in 2013 when they chose to separate.

Rodney filed for the dissolution of his marriage to Traci in the Los Angeles County Court of Appeals in May 2013.
It’s worth noting that a month before his wedding to Traci, he signed a prenuptial agreement that exempted him from paying spousal support if and when the couple divorced.

After his divorce, the skater met a supportive girlfriend.

Rodney moved on quickly after his divorce, dating film industry hair designer Lori Guidroz in 2014, less than a year after his divorce.

The couple has been seen spending time together on several times since then. Rodney and Lori were spotted at the premiere of the Seattle Road Film in 2016.

Rodney Mullen with girlfriend Lori Guidroz (Photo: Seattle Road’s Facebook)

Apart from enjoying each other’s company, the couple appears to be very supportive of one another’s professional endeavors.
Lori has tweeted her admiration for Rodney, referring to him as her man and expressing her admiration for the skateboarding legend.
Lori has expressed an interest in following Rodney’s skateboarding journey, and on June 30, 2020, she posted a video of Rodney performing new tricks for the first time in twelve years, captioning it “stunning.”

Rodney claims that hackers and skateboarders are the same thing.

Rodney has always had a strong desire to skateboard. In addition, the legend aided in the spread of skateboarding to multiple generations of skateboarders.

He had a hard time dealing with the scar tissue that had built up in his right hip joint over years of practicing tricks precisely because of his love for the sport.

He was unable to skate as a result of the problem, and he fell into a deep depression as a result. His depression was exacerbated by the fact that his marriage to Traci was deteriorating.

“I was so afraid of ‘This is my life, who am I without a skateboard?’ Do I even know that guy? Because that’s been me since I was a kid”

Mullen turned to coding to keep his mind occupied during his recovery. He made friends with an Australian hacker who assisted him in learning Linux.

The skating master found parallels between the mindset of a hacker crafting code and that of a skater inventing new tricks during his time learning to code.
In his Ted Talks from 2012, he drew parallels between hacking and skateboarding, concluding that both cultures shared an open-source platform that fostered innovation and helped improve on previous generations’ works.

His talk in 2012 was well-received, and he has since become a popular conference speaker in Silicon Valley.

Mullen has co-written a book called ‘The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself,’ in addition to being a skater, speaker, and partner in skateboard manufacturing companies. He also appears as a character in the video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.