After their public relationship, Jake McDorman and his girlfriend split outside of the spotlight

Jake McDorman and his girlfriend Analeigh Tipton haven’t formally announced their split. Tipton, on the other hand, has shared photographs of her new beau on Instagram.

Jake McDorman of Me, Him, Her and Analeigh Tipton of America’s Next Top Model were quite open about their love. The pair hinted at a quiet break-up with fewer public appearances and social media posts.

The Public Relations of McDorman and Tipton

McDorman and Tipton began dating in 2014, when they co-starred in the ABC series Manhattan Love Story. As if to corroborate the suspicions, the couple was photographed kissing in the stands while watching the US Open in New York on August 25, 2014. Us Weekly was the first to disclose their relationship.

McDorman and Tipton share a kiss on stands while watching the US Open at the US Tennis Center Billie Jean King in NYC. (Source: Elsa / Getty Images)

McDorman later spoke to Glamour in 2015 about their romantic holiday in Rome, confirming their romance. He discussed his growing feelings for Tipton and recalled how she got him a dancing plush cat from a street vendor while they were in Italy.

Nothing says “tourist” like wandering down the street to the hotel at 3 a.m. with a plush cat singing Shania Twain songs, according to him.

“One funny story that stands out to me would be the time she bought me a dancing plush cat that sings Shania Twain from a street vendor. Nothing screams tourist more than walking back to your hotel at 3 A.M. with a cat that sings Shania Twain [songs].”

In 2018, the couple also starred as husband and wife in Martin Taylor’s interactive cinematic VR film Awake.

The Breakup Was Confirmed on Tipton’s Instagram

In late 2018, Tipton and McDorman both stopped posting images of each other on social media. They haven’t acknowledged their separation officially, but they have stopped flaunting their love on social media.

McDorman’s most recent Instagram photo showing the two of them together was in October 2018, whereas Tipton’s most recent Instagram post about McDorman was on his birthday in July 2018. She shared a picture of herself with McDorman, wishing him a happy birthday.

The couple hasn’t been seen together since then, nor have they been on each other’s social media pages. Tipton, on the other hand, has been uploading photos with her new partner, as if to confirm her split from McDorman.

She shared a snapshot on Instagram showing herself with Chaz Salambier during a gorgeous sunset, hinting that she had moved on from McDorman.

Salambier has also been using Instagram to share images of himself and Tipton. This verified that Tipton is no longer with McDorman and that they had split up.

Jake McDorman’s ex-girlfriend, Tipton, with her new boyfriend, Chaz Salambier. (Source: Chaz Salambier’s Instagram)

McDorman and Tipton are still Instagram friends and have each other’s photos on their pages, but they don’t appear to be a couple any longer.