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Alanah Pearce is a rising social media personality who is well-known for her editing talents with Save Game and her appearances on shows such as Button Bash, The IGN Show, and others. Pearce began her social media career in 2009, and as of 2019, she has over 242,522 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel and a sizable Instagram following. On her YouTube channel, she usually posts Let’s Play videos of games like Until Dawn and Grim Fandango. She has also worked with major companies such as Xbox Australia, BBC, and Reel Feed as an Events Coverage presenter.

Alanah Pearce’s Early Years, Bio, And Education

Alanah Pearce was born in Australia on August 24th, 1993. Susan is her mother’s name, and she has appeared in a few videos, including her daughter’s video Until Dawn. She is an Australian national of a White ethnicity.

Pearce got a degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Entertainment from the Queensland University of Technology.

The Professional Career of Alanah Pearce: Podcast

For her work on Sunrise, Alanah Pearce was promoted to Miscellaneous Crew and Producer. In 2012, she made an appearance on an Australian breakfast show. She was featured on The Co-Optional Podcast the following year.

Pearce rose to prominence after launching her social media career in 2009. She has a massive Instagram following of over 296 thousand people as of 2019. On May 24, 2009, the social media sensation launched her own YouTube channel, which she named after herself. In addition, the channel has 275.9k subscribers.

As a video journalist, Alanah has worked with companies such as Videogames, Luna Digital, Zelda Universe, YouTube (GamesHQMedia), and others. From 2012 to 2014, she worked for Xbox Australia as an Events Coverage Presenter.

Pearce worked for BBC, GameBug, and Reel Feed, among others. In November 2015, she was hired as an Editor for IGN Entertainment within the Toys and Culture section. She is currently employed by the organization as a producer.

Alanah Pearce’s YouTube Channel Earnings and Net Worth

Alanah Pearce has amassed a sizable fortune from her already successful social media career. The YouTuber has a net worth of roughly $1 million as of 2019. Her self-titled YouTube channel has around 275.9k subscribers as of 2019. Her earnings from the channel range from $297 to $4,700 per year. Her social media career is where she makes the most of her money.

Pearce’s Instagram account has over 338k followers and accounts for a significant portion of her personal worth. Her revenues from her sponsored posts range between $885.75 to $1,476.

Coming Out As Pansexual And Dating

Alanah Pearce has not married yet, and her relationship status as of 2020 is presumably single, as there has been no fresh information about her dating life.

She formerly dated Blaine Gibson, a member of Rooster Teeth Productions. The couple met in San Francisco and began dating after that.

Prior to the breakup, Pearce was frequently photographed with her ex-boyfriend in numerous locations. Her Instagram was brimming with wonderful photos of the newlyweds. According to sources, the couple split up in late 2019.

Junebug, the Instagram celebrity’s pet puppy, is a passionate animal lover.

The Youtube sensation came out as a pansexual in June 2020. The Australian social media star took to Twitter to share a touching message with her over 350k followers.

“Hello, everyone,” she said. “After talking to a number of my LGBTQ+ friends about it, I just realized it could be helpful for others if I share it,” I’ve decided to “come out.”

“I am attracted to guys, I am drawn to women, I am attracted to many other kinds of trans and queer persons, and simply, being attracted to and having relationships with BABES OF ALL KIDS just seems like a tremendous win for me,” the post continued.

Her supporters reacted positively and overwhelmingly in her favor.

Journey Towards Weight Loss

Alanah Pearce shed 40 pounds (20 kilos) in 2012, which was a huge achievement for her. She drew a lot of attention from her followers and even uploaded a video about her trip.

Alanah went to the gym on a regular basis and participated in Lila Pradas’ 12-week lean body program, which also helped her lose weight, according to the video. She announced on Instagram that she had shed 18 kilograms in six months. She stated in one of her Twitter posts,

I was never terribly obese, but for around 5 years I was 40 pounds/20 kilograms overweight. I was generally happier, slept better, could walk for longer (and upstairs without stopping! ), worked better, and so on after I lost that weight. I want everyone to benefit from these advantages!

Every day, Pearce concentrated on a different muscle area.

Alanah Pearce’s Height, Age, and Other Info

Alanah Pearce will be 27 years old in 2020.
Pearce is a tall man, at 5 feet 10 inches tall.
Pearce’s hair is grey in color.
She is a tattoo enthusiast who has two tattoos on her hands.
The 24th of August is her birthday.

Facts of Alanah Pearce
Date of Birth:1993August-24
Age:28 years old
Birth Nation:Australia
Height:5 Feet 10 Inch
NameAlanah Pearce
Birth Place/CityAustralia
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Net Worth$1 million
Hair ColorGrey
Affair withBlaine Gibson
BoyfriendBlaine Gibson