Alberto Ammann’s Relationship With Clara Mendez-Leite on ‘Narcos’


Alberto Ammann, a Spanish-Argentine actor, is married to fellow film actress Clara Mendez-Leite. Although it is unknown when the couple began dating, their Instagram accounts speak volumes about their adorable chemistry.
On November 5, 2015, Alberto Ammann posted pictures of his girlfriend on Instagram for the first time. He shared a silhouette photo of her on Instagram and revealed they spent time together in Almera, Spain.

Despite the fact that he became vocal about his partner in 2015, his girlfriend’s Instagram suggests that their relationship dates back to 2012.

They had previously collaborated on the 2012 film Invader, in which Ammann played Pablo and Leite worked as an assistant makeup artist. During the film’s premiere, the couple shared PDAs on the red carpet. In December 2016, the Mars actor shared a throwback photo from the event on Instagram.

Aside from red carpet photos, the duo also dazzles their fans with candid photos and love-filled messages for each other.
For example, on Ammann’s 42nd birthday (October 20, 2020), his partner shared a cute photo of the two. What was cuter than the photo itself were her captions, which stated, “It’s the birthday of the person I care about the most today. I celebrate you today and every day! @albertoammann”

Responding to the love, the Goya Award winner thanked his girlfriend in the sweetest way possible. “Thank you, my love!!” he wrote.

Albert Ammann owns and operates an acting school.

With his girlfriend, Clara Mendez-Leite, Ammann runs an acting school called Escuela para el Arte del Actor. In 2017, the duo established the institution in La Palma, Madrid. The school provides four years of comprehensive training in interpretation and dramatic art, as well as seminars for both students and professional actors.

In the first and second years, Ammann offers classes in the subject of interpretation. He also teaches a third-year subject.
Not only does the Argentine actor run a business with his partner, but he also collaborates on films with her. In the 2020 series Tales of the Lockdown, he co-starred with her.

Albert Ammann character as Gay Made People Look

Following his enormous success and Goya Awards for his portrayal of Juan Oliver in the Spanish film Cell 211 in 2009, Ammann wowed fans with his appearances on Netflix’s original series Narcos and Narcos: Mexico.

He played Hélmer “Pacho” Herrera, a real-life gay Colombian drug lord who was the Cali Cartel’s fourth in command (active from 1977 to 1998.)


In the first episode of Narcos season 3 in September 2017, Ammann turned heads while sharing a kiss with another male character played by Maurho Jimenez Mora.