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Alisha Weir

Alisha Weir Bio

Alisha Weir has become a household name in the United States following her breakout performance in Netflix’s Matilda the Musical last December (by Roald Dahl). Matthew Warchus directed the show and stated that he auditioned hundreds of children but could only get the spark in Alisha’s eyes. “She’s a terrific listener,” Warchus stated during a Netflix interview.

Early Years

Alisha Weir was born in Dublin, Ireland in 2009, making her 14 years old in 2023. She began her acting career on the stage at the 10th Anniversary Show of the Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency, an annual event conducted at her school, the Talented Kids Performing Arts School & Agency. The actor is the youngest member of her family. Katie and Emma Jane, her two older sisters, are both engaged in the performing arts.

Alisha’s older sister recently graduated from musical theater college (as of December 2022, information from The People). Jenny is their mother’s name, and Mark is their father’s. Emma Jane, the family’s middle child, has just begun her UCD studies in film, music, and drama (as of December 2022). The Weir family’s three girls have all developed an interest in cinema and the arts. The three sisters appear to be close and are frequently involved in one other’s work.

Ascend to Fame

Alisha has previously appeared in Katie’s TikTok videos. Alisha began her cinematic career in 2018 with her debut appearance in the film Don’t Leave Home. When Alisha received a zoom call from the side of Matilda, the Musical Director Matthew Warchus, and the entire family were with Alisha, she burst into tears. Katie, her eldest sister, videotaped and shared it on TikTok. One of their heartfelt but sweet moments received approximately 1.8 million likes.

Alisha Weir’s Professional Career

Alisha is a vocalist as well as a child actress. She appeared on The Late Late Toy Show in 2017 and played a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” before becoming recognized for Matilda’s prominent titular role. She also performs songs or tracks from the Matilda the Musical soundtrack, including “Miracle,” “Naughty,” “When I Grow Up,” and “Quiet,” though not as a professional vocalist (we assume!).

Jenny, her mother, claims that her daughter has always been able to catch voices and follow others, whether in singing or other talents or skills. She frequently attended her singing lessons with other schoolmates or girls. She would know all the lyrics to the songs and would also attend her classes. Matilda was one of the most important roles in her life, propelling her to stardom in Hollywood. She has also acted and demonstrated her talents in the comedy Wicked Little Letters.

She has also been recognized for her roles in the songs and videos “Miracle,” “Naughty,” “Naughty (Reprise),” “When I Grow Up,” and “Quiet” from the film adaptation of Matilda the Musical. Not only that, but she also provided the English voice for Two by Two: Overboard!

She was seen in Michael Tully’s Don’t Leave Home, a horror film released in 2018, before becoming famous in December 2022 with the premiere of Matilda the musical. Alisha Weir has also played the lead character Laura in five episodes of Darklands (2019). Her work, professional life, and films have all been handled by the “MVW Agency.”

Private Life

Alisha will be 14 years old in January 2023. She has a lot of potentials given her talent and skills. We wish her luck in getting good academic marks, cinematic abilities and talents, and achieving the miracle of life.

Social Media

Alisha may be found on Instagram under the account @alishaweir123, where she has announced the title of her forthcoming film of the year, Wicked Little Letters 2023. You may also find her on Spotify under the name Alisha Weir, where she posts tracks from her work.

Alisha Weir Salary and Net worth

Alisha’s net worth is reported to be around $1 million, despite the fact that she is only a young actress, singer, and talented personality!

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