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Net Worth: $50,000

Amanda Mena


Amanda Mena, an America’s Got Talent 2018 candidate, rose to prominence after Mel B awarded her the Brilliant Bell during her Week 1 trial. She was the fourth contender to get the Brilliant Signal, which automatically advanced her to the next round of the competition. As a result of her celebrity, she has 109k Instagram followers.

Amanda Mena Quick Facts

Full Name:Amanda Mena
Birth Day:July 14, 2002
Net Worth:$50,000
Marital Status:Single

Amanda Mena: Early Life and Family

Amanda was born in the Dominican Republic on July 14, 2002. She is Dominican by birth and hails from a line of folks with dark skin. Her astrological sign is a sickness. Miosotis and Martin Mena, her guardians, raised her, and she says they are her genuine drive. Amanda and her family then relocated to Boston, Massachusetts.

Amanda was born in the Dominican Republic and relocated to Boston with her family shortly after. She continues to post photos of herself with her mother, father, and two siblings, demonstrating a positive relationship with them. Her family has always supported and pushed her to achieve her full potential.

Amanda Mena Net Worth 2023

Amanda Mena, a self-titled YouTube channel with almost 10,000 followers, began on January 20, 2013. Amanda’s entire assets are valued at $50,000 as of 2018.

Amanda is a sweet little girl who enjoys singing and aspires to be successful in the future. As a result, rather than spending time with her sweethearts, she has focused exclusively on her career. We hope she will be with someone who appreciates her for who she is now that she has reached adolescence.

Amanda Mena’s Height & Weight

Amanda appears to be a young, stunning young lady in good health with a regular stature and weight in her Instagram images.

Professional Career

  • Amanda has always enjoyed singing and has been a member of La Voz Children, an American-Spanish version of The Voice since she was a toddler.
  • At the youthful age of 11, she eventually vanquished the resistance.
  • Following her success in that competition, she was given the option to sign a pact with General Music Latin Gathering, which led to a $50,000 cash reward for her advanced study.
  • Amanda won Mel B’s heart with a Brilliant Bell when she competed in America Has Ability’s thirteenth release.
  • Despite this, she was eliminated in the first round after performing Pharrell’s “Upbeat.”