Amy Corbett: Some Interesting Facts About LEGO’s Design Expert


Learn more about Amy Corbett, one of the ‘Lego Masters USA’ judges. Amy Corbett, also known as Brickmaster Amy, is set to return as a judge on the second season of Lego Masters USA. But how much do you know about the mind behind LEGO?

Where is Amy Corbett Address?

Amy Corbett was born in Scotland. She grew up in Uplawmoor, a small village outside of Glasgow. She was a creative person from the start. She ‘loved being creative’ at Eastwood High School in Newton Mearns, she told the Glasgow Times.
Corbett studied both arts and maths and science in college because she enjoyed drawing and arts and maths and science when she was younger. And she knew she wanted to major in something that combined both of those fields in college.

Things fell into place perfectly for her because the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art offered a product design engineering course. In 2012, she received her Master of Engineering in Product Design Engineering with Honors of the First Class.

She never imagined she’d be on television. Of course, she’s now appearing on television while working on the show. But she never set out to do so. Corbett revealed during an Instagram Q&A session that she never imagined she’d be making toys with Lego, let alone appearing on a TV show about Legos.

Active In Volunteer Works

Volunteering is something She enjoy doing. Corbett also spends a significant amount of time volunteering. According to her LinkedIn, she worked as a full-time volunteer for the International Red Cross in Fiji in 2007 and for a local NGO called Gantsi Craft in 2008.
She then volunteered as a Design Engineer for Engineers Without Borders UK in 2011. She spent four months in Uganda working with a civil engineer to build village-level processing stations to allow local coffee farmers to process their crops, among other things. She is also the Co-Head of the Events Team for TEDxAarhus.

The LEGO Group’s Senior Design Manager and Product Lead

Corbett had only one job prior to joining the LEGO Company. Between October 2012 and May 2013, she was the director and designer at Buggage Ltd. Then, one day, a friend suggested she try her hand at working for Lego. She took the advice, applied for a job, and was hired. That was in August of 2013.

She rose through the ranks at Lego, beginning as a Senior Designer and eventually becoming Design Manager. Since August 2019, she has served as the company’s Senior Design Manager.
She also contributed to the design of the Lego Friends product line and worked on The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

Amy Corbett in Denmark

She is currently working on a new project, Lego Dots, and appearing on Lego Masters USA. resides in Denmark
The headquarters of the LEGO Group are located in Billund, Denmark. Corbett is also based in Denmark as the company’s Design Lead. She resides in Aarhus, which is approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Billund. She rides her bike around the small town and also goes paddleboarding. Traveling is another one of her passions.

Amy Corbett as Toy Designer

If I wasn’t a toy designer, I’d be making bigger things.
Another person asked her in the same Instagram Q&A what she would do if she wasn’t such a good toy designer.
Corbett responded by saying she was fortunate to have discovered her calling as a toy designer. Then she reasoned that if she weren’t doing what she’s doing, she’d probably be doing’something creative,’ like being an architect.

Her Favorite Celebrity to Collaborate on LEGO Projects

In a February 2020 interview with Decider, the ‘Lego Masters USA’ host was asked if she had any celebrity in mind with whom she would like to build LEGO.

She chose Ed Sheeran because the singer was a huge LEGO fan and thought he could’make something pretty cool.’