Andy Mauer’s Out Gay Wiki: Job & Romance With Partner Harvey Levin

Andy Mauer has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for nearly two decades… The romance only uncovered after a blog called…share a beachfront condo in…a Talent Acquisition Director’s typical income ranges from…takes over the prominent celebrity news website… TMZ Talent Management Andy Mauer, in a long-distance relationship with Harvey Levin. Until, it uncovered by the press and Media . So, how have they managed to keep their romance low-key?
Andy Mauer thrusted  into the limelight when he was revealed to be the partner of TMZ founder Harvey Levin, who is openly gay. Andy Mauer’s age, employment, net worth, and romantic relationship with Harvey Levin are all covered in fascinating wikis.

1. The Wiki of Andy Mauer Reveals 16 Years Of Chiropractic

Andy Mauer, who was born in 1965, chooses to keep his personal details private, therefore his birthday has remained a mystery to this day. Andy’s age is estimated to be around 54 years old, based on the year he was born. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. He used to be a chiropractor, and in December 1994, he founded Mauer Chiropractic, Inc. Andy, however, decided to leave the job and the office was closed in May 2011 after 16 and a half years of operation. Andy worked as the producer of TMZ Celebrity Tour for almost two years after quitting his job as a chiropractor before joining the network as the Head of Consumer Products in January 2013. In November 2016, Andy Mauer, elevated to Director of Talent Acquisition.

Andy Mauer

2. How much money does Andy Mauer have?

The typical yearly income of a Talent Acquisition Director, according to various sources, ranges from $119,997 to $158,000. Andy Mauer is also the founder of the celebrity news website TMZ, so you can only imagine how much money he makes. While his net worth yet not  revealed, his partner. Harvey Levin, reported to be worth $15 million. They even shared a $5.3 Sunset Strip mansion before selling it and repurchasing it for $950,000 in 1998.

3. Andy Mauer’s Gay Affair with Harvey Levin, Founder of TMZ

Andy has been dating TMZ founder Harvey Levin, who is 68 years old, for nearly two decades. After a blog called Exposarazzi released images of Andy and Harvey together at a book signing event in 2013. The affair exposed but they stated,  great friends and even have a beachfront condo in Marina Del Rey that they purchased in 2003. But, given that they don’t even mention one other on social media sites, they’re cautious to flaunt their long-term relationship that they’ve mastered at concealing. All we can hope is that Andy and Harvey are enjoying their gay connection and that they will soon supply the fans with new information.

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