Aren Marcus Jackson

Aren Marcus Jackson

Do you know Who is Aren Marcus Jackson?

Aren Marcus Jackson is the name of a United States of America convicted offender. Aren is well-known as the partner of Tia Maria Torres, a television celebrity and reality TV star.

Tia Torres is well-known for her love of animals and is a cast member of the Animal Planet reality show Pitbulls and Parolees. Aren got a lot of fame, notoriety, and riches after marrying Tia and is one of the very fortunate people that obtain the spotlight thanks to their partner’s achievements.

Aren has recently gained popularity after being imprisoned for mysterious reasons. There have even been whispers of a divorce between the attractive couple. Stay tight till the conclusion if you want to know why he was put to jail and some undisclosed knowledge about Tia Torres’ husband Aren Marcus Jackson!

Professional Career

Aren was detained twice by police, and her husband, Tia Torres, is still in jail. When Aren and Tia first met, he was serving a 14-year prison sentence in California for his involvement in a gunfight with deputies.

He was imprisoned for 14 years before being released in 2006. However, he was caught again the following year after being convicted of eleven charges including stealing, burglary, driving an illegal vehicle, and attempting murder!

Tia never gave up hope, supported her husband, and fought for his bail even if times were tough. In defending her husband, she also stated that Aren Jackson was not guilty in that instance. However, things did not go as planned, and he was detained once more. Despite this, Tia remains upbeat and continues to assist Aren through difficult moments.

Marcus Aren Jackson Wikipedia

Aren was born and raised in the United States of America, together with his parents and brothers. There is very little information known about his parents and siblings, and we will update this as soon as we obtain it from reliable sources.

Aren Jackson is of American descent, of Caucasian ancestry, and Christian faith. There is no information known on his educational history or academic achievements.

Aren Marcus Jackson Dating Life (Relationship)

Tia Torres’ marriage to Aren was not a happy one because the pair was only together for a brief time. When Aren was arrested for the second time and sentenced to 15 years in prison, the couple split up.

Tia and Aren met in the early 1980s while Tia was seeking the owner of a specific dog. Tia discovered Aren on a tracking website, and he was the owner of the dog Tia was seeking for. Aren was convicted to 14 years in a California prison at the time. Aren was sentenced after a firefight with Orange County Sheriff’s officials.

Despite Aren’s confinement in the prison, the love and affection between the gorgeous pair did not wane. When Aren was released from prison, they married on October 31, 2006. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t have much time together before he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for vehicle theft, second-level burglary, and even attempted murder in 2007.

Even though Aren is behind bar, the couple has a deep link and a nice relationship. They both support one other and work together to solve challenges. Aren is a co-owner of VRC, and he has assisted his wife in rescuing dogs as well as managing shelters for parolees.

Marcus Jackson and Tia Torres Getting Divorced?

Tia is a strong woman who has been through a lot of adversity. However, Aren and Tia’s bond was unaffected by the harsh times and situations. However, Tia revealed on her Facebook page that she divorced her spouse ten years ago.

All of this is still supposition and gossip, and the exact confirmation of the divorce is unclear.

Tia Torres had her ex-husband beat her!

Many Tia fans are unaware that Aren Marcus Jackson was not Tia’s first husband. Tia Torres previously married an unknown man who was allegedly a drug addict. Tia was in a toxic relationship in which her husband used to severely beat her after ingesting cocaine!

Tia Torres was assaulted and mistreated by her husband in just two years of marriage. Then she chose to leave the house and live on her ex-trailer. husband Tia experienced a shocking and hazardous situation when her ex-rooster husbands attacked her and severely hurt her.

Tia screamed for help, and her pitbull arrived just in time, killing the rooster and saving her life. She was overjoyed with her dog and even got a tattoo of her pitbull thanking him for saving him. Tia then became involved with a gangbanger lover, with whom she has a child named Tania Torres.

Aren Marcus Jackson’s Children

Aren and Tia are the parents of one child. Mariah Torres is their only child. It was Tia’s second child, but Aren’s first. Tania Torres, Tia’s first daughter, was the daughter of a gangbanger.

Tia decided to adopt two children, twin Hawaiian brothers named Kanani and Keli. Tia’s four children have all supported and assisted her during her difficult times.

Aren Marcus Jackson’s Net worth, Earnings

Tia began her work as a truck driver to provide for her family. She later worked for the United States Army. Tia Torres founded Villalobos Rescue Center after leaving her work and began rescuing abandoned dogs.

Tia rose to prominence after serving as the anchor of Animal Planet’s reality show Pitbulls and Parolees. She worked very hard, sometimes up to 18 hours a day, caring for the pets. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately 300,000 dollars.

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