Ashdubh Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

They have a net worth of more than $400,000.


Ashdubh, who is he?

Aaron Fox-Hall, a YouTube personality, was born on July 1st, 1990, in Peterborough, England. He first gained notoriety on his YouTube channel, which featured videos related to the computer game “Minecraft.” Since then, he has been concentrating on other video games, and he has also produced vlogs on different channels.

The Ashdubh Riches

How wealthy is Ashdubb? Sources tell us that as of early 2019, they have a net worth of more than $400,000 from their lucrative YouTube career. He has worked with other well-known YouTube celebrities thanks to his fame, which has also opened up many additional options for him. It is anticipated that his wealth would continue to rise as his career progresses.

Early years and professional Career

With a brother, Ashdubh grew raised in Peterborough. When he was younger, he enjoyed playing outside and participating in sports. He frequently spent time with his brother and friends while skating or playing soccer. These childhood pals eventually worked frequently on his YouTube channel. In addition to his passion for gaming, he was also quite interested in music and had ambitions to work in the field.

After completing his degree, he started stacking shelves in a pound shop while looking for his big break in the music business. He gave live performances at various venues across the nation, but he never really got off the ground. When he saw that there were no opportunities in music, he changed his priorities and decided to pursue a career in gaming instead. He was particularly interested in YouTube, which was at the time becoming quite popular due to YouTube stars who were having success creating content for video games.

Google Career

Google owns the video-sharing website YouTube, which was first developed as a platform for users to publish and exchange video content. The website has developed into one of the most well-known on the internet, serving as the primary repository for video material including music videos, live streaming, video blogs, commentary, movie trailers, and much more.

The ability of users to interact with videos through comments, ratings, and subscriptions is one of the factors contributing to the popularity of the service. The Google Adsense program offers the option for content creators to make money as well. Due to YouTube’s popularity, businesses and media organizations have also established online presence.

The video game “Minecraft,” which enables users to express their creativity using a range of various blocks in a 3D world, is how Ashdubh rose to prominence. In the game, players can explore, fight, build, craft, and gather materials. It has received widespread praise since its introduction, is the second-best-selling video game of all time behind “Tetris,” has won multiple accolades, and has spawned a variety of parodies, souvenirs, and adaptations. His work primarily focuses on the game and montages, which he refers to as “vintages,” a play on the words “fun” and “montage.”

Extra Content

In addition to his “Minecraft” work, Ashdubh started creating films for the kid-friendly game “Roblox.” It is a massively multiplayer online game that lets players develop and build their games to play. These games can then be shared with other players so they may all enjoy the creations of one player. The game, which also makes use of virtual blocks, has been immensely popular since its inception, with over 70 million active players each month as of 2018.

He produces these videos for a variety of reasons, one of which is his emphasis on family-friendly material. He began working with other YouTubers more frequently to create content, including playing alongside his friend and fellow YouTuber ballistic squid.

In recent years, he has also posted videos of games that piqued his attention, such as “Rocket League,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “FIFA,” and “Ark: Survival Evolved,” although he feels that his “Minecraft” series “Race to the Moon” is his best work on the channel. Additionally, he started a second channel called Aaron Fox Hall, which primarily features vlog videos but has undergone several brand changes. Additionally, he has frequently left the channel due to the challenges of using vlogs to consistently provide new content.

Individual Life

In his private life, it is known that Ashdubh is engaged to a woman by the name of Izzy, however, he hasn’t spoken much about either of them or their connection. He mentioned that he enjoys cheese, leading him to the nicknames Cheese Head or Cheese Man. If his YouTube career hadn’t been successful, he most likely would have gone back to pursuing a career in music.

He enjoys watching “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Riverdale,” among other programs. He passionately enjoys the “The Flash” television series, and he even gave the characters Barry Allen and Cisco the names of two of his dogs. In addition, he has been extremely honest about his battle with depression, and he tries his best to help others while sharing his own experiences with them.

He has a presence on other social media networks, such as Twitter, where he publishes some of his everyday thoughts and activities as other YouTube personalities do. Even though it hasn’t been updated since 2018, he also has a Facebook page.

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