At A Karaoke Party, Billionaire Daniel Lubetzky First Met His Wife


Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Healthy Snacks, is a billionaire businessman and social entrepreneur who has developed not only a successful food empire but also a lasting relationship.
With four children, Liberman has been married to his wife Michelle Lynn Liberman for over 12 years. However, the couple’s interactions in the early stages of their relationship were a little rough.

Before marrying, Daniel Lubetzky and Michelle Lynn Liberman met at a Karaoke party

According to Health Us News, Lubetzky’s wife, Dr. Michelle Lynn Liberman, a nephrologist in New York, is linked with various hospitals in the area and has around 20 years of experience as a medical practitioner.

Rabbi Aryeh Scheinber officiated “in a civil service in his study at Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio” when the couple married on March 3, 2008.

Rabbi David Rosen conducted the religious ceremony later on Maroma Beach in Mexico.

Daniel Lubetzky and wife Michelle Lynn Liberman The White House Reception Party (Photo Source: PeaceWorks)

However, only two years prior to their wedding, the future husband and wife met at a karaoke party hosted by a mutual acquaintance.

Lubetzky revealed to his would-be wife that he had a terrible back during a party in Chinatown in January 2006, and asked the good doctor for guidance.

“I gave him some excellent advice. I advised him to take three or four doses of ibuprofen, not just the over-the-counter amount, to assist reduce inflammation “The New York Times quoted Liberman as saying.

Her suggestion worked wonders, and he was back to normal in no time. He called the future Mrs. Lubetzky to thank her for the treatment, using his recuperation as an excuse.

Unfortunately, she did not return his call at the time, but Lubetzky, ever the relentless businessman, would not give up and contacted her again to ask her out.

Lubetzky, Daniel Michelle Liberman was assumed to be uninterested.

When the creator of PeaceWorks contacted to establish a date for their next meeting, Liberman said she was booked for all of the dates he mentioned.

He even asked if she was available over the weekend, but she confirmed that she might not be in town and urged him to contact her on Saturday.

He moved on to date another woman for a few months after assuming the excellent doctor was not interested. He decided to patch things up with her and give it another chance after that relationship ended. He received a response this time.

“So I put it out of my mind and went out with someone else for two or three months…

I used to only date one person at a time when I was younger “In an interview with The New York Times, Lubetzky discussed his sentiments at the time.

Liberman also revealed in the same interview that she had been interested in Lubetzky since he first called, but that she had been legitimately busy at the time. In fact, she was taken aback when he did not return her call.

“He had interpreted that I was not interested…I was just really busy and was surprised that he never called back…but in fact, I was just really busy and was surprised that he never called back. In fact I was interested and I was surprised and excited when he called back because I wanted to go out with him in the first place. We made a date immediately and soon we were hanging out all the time.”

They planned a date right away after getting in touch, and they were spending a lot of time together in no time. The relationship had been going well for nearly a year until Michelle received a page while in the hospital.

Daniel Lubetzky Scheduled a Proposal Date at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Lubetzky proposed to Liberman a year later with the help of one of her friends. Lubetzky had contacted one of Michelle’s hospital acquaintances to arrange for the hospital pharmacist to make adjustments to Michelle’s prescription orders.

The plan was for the hospital pharmacy to page her with a long list of inconvenient adjustments in prescription prescriptions, with the final item on the list being “to meet Mr. Lubetzky at the Mandarin Oriental hotel with a weekend bag and an evening gown.”

Michelle couldn’t stop crying since she understood exactly what that meant. He planned to propose, which he did, and the two have been together in an apparently happy relationship ever since.

The wealthy entrepreneur’s Twitter and Instagram bios both say “Michelle’s husband,” despite the fact that he rarely publishes photographs of his wife on social media.

The Husband and Wife Team took part in the Run for a Kind Challenge

Daniel Lubtezky is noted for giving everything he does a social spin. The famous businessman and his attractive doctor wife went for a run as part of the annual “BeKind21” challenge presented by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the 21-day challenge, it asks participants to perform at least one act of kindness each day from September 1 to September 21.