Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Do you know Who is Jeff Sessions?

Born in Selma, Alabama, on December 24, 1946, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a politician and attorney best known for holding the position of 84th Attorney General of the United States since 2017. In addition, he served as the Republican Party’s senator for Alabama for 20 years starting in 1997.

Jeff Sessions: Early Life and Family

He was named after his father, who was named after his grandfather, who had served as the president of the Confederate States of America during the mid-19th century civil war. Jeff was born to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Jr. and Abbie Powe. He attended the nearby Wilcox County High School before attending Huntingdon College in Montgomery, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1969. He was also the president of the student body and an active member of the young Republicans.

Education Details

After that, he went to the University of Alabama School of Law, where he earned a JD in 1973.

Professional Career

In 1975, Jeff started working as an assistant US attorney. In 1981, President Reagan nominated him for the job of US attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, which he held for the following 12 years before resigning during the administration of Bill Clinton.

When two Ku Klux Klan members killed Michael Donald in 1981, his office filed civil rights charges; even though Jeff did not pursue the matter, both of the killers were found guilty. He was accused of targeting black voters when he tried three African-American males in 1985 for voter fraud. The following year, with the backing of Republican Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton, President Reagan nominated Jeff to sit on the US District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. However, this plan was abandoned.

After receiving 57% of the vote, he was chosen to succeed Jimmy Evans as Alabama’s attorney general in 1994, replacing Evans. Despite this, he received scathing criticism and was referred to as “a disgrace” and a “throwback to a terrible past”. The funding of schools was then handled by Sessions, but his work was deemed unlawful due to the disparities between wealthy and white schools and primarily black poor schools.

Jeff succeeded Howell Heflin in the Republican primary for the US Senate in 1996. The Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance filed a lawsuit against the state of Alabama that same year when the Alabama Legislature attempted to withhold money from student organizations that supported homosexuality in public universities.

United States Attorney General

Donald Trump announced that he would nominate Jeff to fill the office of Attorney General of the United States at the end of 2016. Susan Collins gave him a warm welcome and introduced him, calling the criticism leveled at him unfairly and characterizing him as a moral man with a strong dedication to the rule of law. Jeff was approved as Attorney General in early February 2017 with a vote of 52 to 47, but later that month, when Kate McKinnon played him on “Saturday Night Live,” he was made fun of.

Social Media

Since their union in 1969, Sessions and Mary Blackshear have been blessed with three children and six grandchildren. With regards to the family’s religious affiliations, they identify as United Methodists, and Jeff teaches Sunday school at the Ashland Place United Methodist Church in Mobile. Jeff is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he has 16,500 and 5,300 followers, respectively.

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