Austin Evans Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship

His current net worth is said to be over $2 million.

Austin Evans

Do you know Who is Austin Evans?

Austin Evans is well-known for his YouTube channel, where he frequently posts videos regarding technology, particularly the parts of gaming PCs. He was born on August 22, 1992, in New Jersey, USA, making him a Leo and a citizen of that country.

Austin Evans: Early Life and Family

Austin is a somewhat private individual who hasn’t revealed much about his early years and youth to the outside public. He is known to have been a bit of a nerd in high school, preferring to play video games and stay up to date on the latest technological developments than going out with other kids.

Austin Evans doesn’t typically discuss his parents either, and since he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, he looks to be an only kid. He frequently acknowledges his mother as his biggest supporter and the driving force behind all he does, but he also occasionally mentions his father.

Education Details

Austin graduated from high school, matriculated, and enrolled in a college; it is unknown which one he attended and whether he graduated.

Professional Career

On August 4, 2007, Austin created his own YouTube account under the name Austin, which marked the beginning of his professional career. The best technology, from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between, according to his definition. You can test the newest smartphone here, or find out if that new item is worthwhile, as well as the trendiest retro and modern technology. More than 3.7 million people have subscribed to the channel so far, and his videos have had close to 710 million views overall.

Austin serves as a presenter, Kenneth Bolido is in charge of production and operations, Matt Ansini is their producer, Jimmy Champane and Josh Blackey are the editors, and Wesley Knapp is an expert in production and color. The channel is not solely run by Austin; rather, it is run by a couple of people.

Austin, who is not an actor, has made an appearance in the popular Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian’s “Scrapyard Wars” series. Austin made an appearance in the third season alongside Sebastian and Lafreniere. They were assigned the task of constructing a gaming PC with the best pricing for performance gaming while having an unlimited budget. Austin is one of Sebastian’s three favorite YouTubers, he said in one of his interviews.

Austin also made an appearance in the 2010 comedy-drama-fantasy film “My Friend, Oscar.”

His career coming to an end

Austin’s house caught fire on January 29 and burned to the ground. The majority of Austin’s significant and priceless assets were destroyed in the flames, and he was only able to retrieve a small number of items before leaving. Austin and the other occupants of the building were able to flee the scene unscathed, but they were left without a roof over their heads and practically all of their possessions, including Austin’s videography gear, which was his most prized possession. They eventually got back on their feet with the help of their friends and families, although it took them some time.

Austin’s fellow YouTubers, who are also tech vloggers, were the ones who supported him the most since 15 of them learned about what had happened and came together to support Austin. Austin’s father understood what was going on and set up a camera to record the surprise when two of them—Unbox Therapy and tldtoday—flew in to surprise him with new equipment.

The most popular YouTube channels for technology

Several YouTubers specialize in creating technology-related videos, some of whom are even more well-known than Austin Evans. The following are some of the most popular tech-related YouTube channels:

Unbox Therapy, the same organization that assisted Austin after his house was destroyed in a fire, takes first place. There are currently close to 15 million subscribers to the channel, and according to its description, “Here you can find a range of videos displaying the best things in the world.” Including the most recent smartphone and astonishing devices and technology. Everything is on Unbox Therapy;

  • Marques Brownlee, who has amassed nearly nine million members on his channel, is in the second position. Marques identifies as a YouTuber, nerd, tech head, consumer of electronics, and online celebrity;
  • With nearly nine million subscribers, Linus Tech Tips comes in third. According to its description, “We make fun films on technology, including tech reviews, showcases, and other stuff.”
  • Austin Evans, whose channel has over four million subscribers right now, is in fourth place;
  • Jonathan Morrison, whose channel presently has just over 2.6 million members, is in fifth place.
  • Each of these creators of technology-related content has a unique style for each of their videos, and none of them has ever been charged with plagiarism.

Austin Evans Dating Life (Relationship)

Due to his preference for keeping his problems to himself, Austin is one of the most private individuals on YouTube and throughout the entire internet. Even though everyone is aware of his current relationship, he never discusses it. However, it appears that he enjoys surprising his admirers, as he published a photo of their engagement in 2018.

Not only that, but he also shared a photo of their March 2019 wedding, which took all of his admirers off guard and was just as unexpected as he had intended. One of his wedding photos had the caption, “Today I married my best buddy.” Austin is currently wed to his unknown spouse, and the two are not parents as they are both devoted to their work.

Austin gave his mum a car for her 22nd birthday and they remain very close.

How Tall is Austin Evans? Weight, Hair Color

Austin is 26 years old right now. His height and weight are unknown, however, he has short brown hair and brown eyes. Since he began playing video games at a very young age, he has had poor vision and has worn glasses since he was nine years old.

Austin Evans Net worth, Earnings

His current net worth is said to be over $2 million, according to reliable sources, and it is steadily increasing, in large part because of his YouTube channel and the connections he has made with many technology-related businesses.

Social Media

Austin is quite active on several well-known social media sites in addition to YouTube. He started a Twitter account in July 2009 and has since amassed more than 500,000 followers as well as nearly 55,000 tweets. Austin Evans has nearly 800 pictures on his Instagram account, which has more than 440,000 followers. He also manages a Facebook page with more than 110,000 followers.

To avoid confusion

Not to be confused with Australian politician Austin William Evans, who served as a Nationals representative in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly until 23 March 2019, Austin is not the same person.

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