Axell Hodges’ Instagram Icon Girlfriend Steals His Heart!

Axell Hodges is completely smitten with Instagram sensation Gabriella Abutbol. The pair, both famous in their own right, can’t get enough of each other. Axell claims that his girlfriend swept him off his feet, but she also claims to be his biggest fan. The two have obvious connection, as evidenced by the numerous photographs they post on their individual social media channels proclaiming love for one another. The feelings are mutual, and fans are eagerly anticipating their next move!

Dirt bikes, skiing, and BMX biking were among his favorite activities. His older brother, Ash, never missed an opportunity to direct short videos of Axell for his own company, Moto Theatre.

In addition to this family business, Axell has appeared in documentaries such as A-X-L and Ridiculousness, which show him performing daredevil stunts. Love has grown in the form of Instagram’s fascinating fashionista Gabriella Abutbol on the personal front.

Axell is a heartbreaker

Axell’s vast Instagram and YouTube fan base is a force to be reckoned with. Fans of motocross, as well as skating, skiing, BMX, and even surfing, follow him.
Female fans fall over his attractiveness while masculine followers swoon over his abilities. Axell, on the other hand, has committed his heart to Gabriella for more than two years. Gabriella, Axell’s girlfriend and a stunning influencer, had always planned to make it famous in modeling and the fashion business.

Her seductive bikini photos swept the internet, and before she knew it, she’d become an influencer herself. Her business initiatives include an OnlyFans account where she sells her photos and videos.

Gabriella Ellyse has a lifestyle brand that sells anything from mobile phones to fashionable accessories. Workouts By Gab is another workout brand that Axell’s girlfriend adores. The e-book ‘How To Become A Successful Influencer’ is the last but not least.
Axell and Gabriella’s dynamism drew them closer together and has maintained their relationship stable for the past two years. Their Instagram birthday messages, videos of them enjoying the outdoors, and the fact that they enjoy each other’s company are proof enough that this affair will end happily.

Axell Hodges is a charismatic athlete in the sports world

Axell made headlines in the motocross industry in 2012 when he won the ‘Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship,’ the world’s largest motocross race! Many feathers in this incredibly talented and artistic young man’s cap.

Axell, a seven-time X Games medalist, thrilled his fans by competing in the XG Aspen and the Snow BikeCross not once, but twice. His seductive grin, vivacious personality, and diabolical skills have earned him a million Instagram followers. By any measure, this is a remarkable achievement!
Axell, who rides a Honda CRF 250/450, has had a successful career as well. With wins in the MTX QuarterPipe High Jump at the Minneapolis X Games and the MTX Real Moto at the World of X Real Moto, Axell had a banner year in 2018.

The same year, while rehearsing for History Channel’s Evel Knievel 2, Axell was involved in a car accident that severely crippled both of his ankles. Axell, on the other hand, has recovered from his ordeal and promised his supporters more action in the future.

Fans have been left wanting more from the love story of two powerful, famous celebrities who are madly in love with each other.
Sounds like the ideal fairy tale to me!