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Bay Area Buggs

Do you know Who is Bay Area Buggs?

On November 2, 1992, Brandon Turney was born in California, USA, making him a Scorpio by birth sign and an American citizen. He is well-known online as Bay Area Buggs and is best known for his “Grand Theft Auto V” gameplay videos on YouTube.

Bay Area Buggs: Early Life and Family

While the parents of his closest friends forbade their children from spending much time on their computers, Bay Area Buggs’ parents didn’t mind. Bay Area Buggs grew up playing video games. mainly because he was an only child and his parents only wanted the best for him, and let their son do whatever he wanted.

Education Details

By the time he entered high school, Bay Area Buggs was an experienced gamer who preferred to spend his leisure time playing video games than with his peers. They believed him to be an introverted individual, but he did have gaming pals. Bay Area Buggs chose not to enroll in college after graduating from high school to devote all of his attention to his YouTube channel and gaming profession.

Professional Career

Bay Area Buggs’ career officially began on March 14, 2011, when he launched his YouTube account. His channel currently has about 1.8 million subscribers and has received more than 633 million views across all of his videos.

Bay Area Buggs started his YouTube channel with the sole purpose of posting gaming-related content. He started with the popular “Grand Theft Auto 4” video game, and its unique mode dubbed LCPDFR – he has since played several games, but he is currently largely focused on sharing his “Grand Theft Auto 5” gameplays.

While Bay Area Buggs works alone on his channel, he also collaborates with Polecat324, Jeff Favignana, Zach Houseknecht, and TheNorthernAlex through Code Zero Gaming, which uses the Machinima network.

Bay Area Buggs is also quite active on the Twitch platform. He only started using Twitch a few months after he started using YouTube, yet he already has more than 50,000 subscribers and more than 86,000 views across all of his live streams.

Bay Area Buggs primarily broadcasts live while playing the well-known video game “Grand Theft Auto 5”.

Bay Area Buggs Dating Life (Relationship)

He is highly private about his romantic relationships and hasn’t revealed any information about his previous or ongoing relationships to the general public.

In 2018, there were online reports that the well-known YouTuber was dating a female Instagram celebrity who also enjoys gaming. She made the first move by expressing her want to meet him. After the two went on a date, they realized they were a perfect match and began dating right away. But as it turned out, their relationship couldn’t endure more than a month because they were too busy focusing on their work and didn’t have enough time to spend together.

The popular video game “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” as opposed to “Grand Theft Auto 5,” is currently the one that the YouTuber is reported to be courting. They first communicated online and started dating in March 2019, but since Bay Area Buggs hasn’t addressed his relationship status, nothing can be said with confidence. According to his social media profiles and his privacy, he now seems to be unmarried, has never been married, and has never given birth to any children.

Activities and Other Passions

Although he has many other interests, Bay Area Buggs’ main interests are playing video games and creating and editing films.

Bay Area Buggs is a great auto enthusiast who owns three high-end vehicles: a 2004 Mazda Speed Miata, a 2008 Ford CVPI, and a 2017 Ford Focus RS. The majority of the videos on his YouTube channel and in “Grand Theft Auto 5” are of him driving various types of vehicles. He also enjoys riding motorcycles and owns a Suzuki, but over the years he has had a few different models.

His favorite dog Trinity, who is now a few months old, is one of many animals he adores, but he favors dogs above all others. Bay Area Buggs has multiple tattoos on his body since he has loved getting them since he was a young child. The cause of his wanderlust is his desire to drive and ride on the open road and get far away. However, his work as a YouTuber prevents him from being away for too long.

Bay Area Buggs Net worth, Earnings

The real name of Bay Area Buggs is Brandon Turney, and he is a native of the Californian Bay area. His height and weight are unknown; he has short brown hair and blue eyes.

His current net worth is said to be over $700,000, according to reliable sources, and it is steadily increasing as a result of his YouTube channel.

Social Media

Bay Area Buggs is very active on several well-known social media sites because his career as a YouTuber depends on it. He created his Twitter account in November 2012 and has tweeted approximately 10,000 times. He has over 220 pictures uploaded to his Instagram account, and he also has a Facebook page.

There are connections to all of his social media accounts on his website, which he also manages.

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