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BigBStatz’s current net worth is reported to be more than $1 million.


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BigBStatz is an internet sensation with over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he usually posts videos about the game Minecraft. Let’s learn more about his age, girlfriend, net worth, family, and career path.

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BigBStatz: Early Life and Family

Anthony “BigBStatz” Viviano was born on February 28, 1990, in North Carolina, USA, and just migrated to Germany with his wife, where they currently reside in Munich. BigBStatz has never uploaded any information about images of his parents on his YouTube channel or Instagram account, so nothing is known about their names, ages, or employment. Nonetheless, he revealed that the term was made up by his father, who was very enthusiastic about whatever assistance he could give his son in becoming a big YouTuber.

So his father took his time coming up with a name for his son that he could use for anything and changed it from a short version to a larger one, and they both eventually settled on “BigBStatz” as the final version of the nickname. He has two older sisters and one older and one younger brother.

BigBStatz explained that he never got the opportunity to grow up under the same roof with his father and mother because they split when BigBStatz was only two years old. He shared a home with his father and grandmother, as well as his brothers, and spent weekends with his mother. His sisters remained under the care of his mother. BigBStatz confessed that his family had financial difficulties, but he recalls his father working hard to make his children happy. He and his sons shared a common interest: they were all obsessed with video gaming.

Education Details

BigBStatz went to a high school in North Carolina and recalls being mocked and ridiculed, but he acknowledges that it wasn’t too bad. He enjoyed drawing in school and showed an interest in making things. Anthony’s mind was blown when his father showed him how to conduct video editing during his school break. He graduated from high school in 2008, and there is no record of him entering college.

BigBStatz Dating Life (Relationship)

BigBStatz met his fiancée Sarah in North Carolina, but she was born in Germany, so they moved there. They married in 2015, one of the happiest days of his life that he would like to relive if given the chance. Sarah applied for numerous jobs in Germany when they moved there and was accepted for one of them.

They were both quite unhappy living so far away from their parents, and Sarah’s family was also left in the United States, but they encouraged each other and persevered. Sarah assisted Anthony in learning German and in meeting new friends in Munich.

She used to have a Twitter account where she primarily shared BigBStatz tweets, but she hasn’t been particularly active recently. She has appeared in some of his films, including “Q&A with my wife” and “Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge VS My Wife!” ”.

Sarah is terrified of spiders and has stated that she would rather touch a snake than a spider. Though nothing is known about Sarah’s past, she previously stated that she would not change anything in her past because she was happy with how things turned out.

Professional Career

BigBStatz is said to have started his profession as a customer assistance agent in a tiny medicine company. He worked there for several years until he had enough money to make YouTube his sole source of income in the future, and then he quit.

BigBStatz once stated that he began his YouTube channel when he was around 16 years old, then chose to build another one, which he intended to use as a source of money; thus, his current channel debuted on December 30, 2009. BigBStatz confessed in one of his Q&A videos that he began his YouTube channel to teach others what he could do better than others.

He began making movies for the game “Gears of War,” showing certain methods and how to deal with problems. The game “Minecraft” was released for the XBox 360 in 2012, and Anthony got the opportunity to play it because his computer had previously been unable to start the game. In March 2015, he received a new desktop computer and the ability to live stream; at the time, he had over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and was still working full-time for the pharmaceutical firm.

He resigned from his job and moved to Germany in a few months, making his YouTube channel his full-time profession. BigBStatz used to stream on Mobcrush and also appeared in various videos of CaffCast, a Twitch streamer – BigBStatz does not have his channel on Twitch. Regardless, he had over a million subscribers by March 2017.

Hobbies and passions

BigBStatz enjoys cooking at home, particularly pizza. He prefers Chinese and regional German cuisines. Popcorn is one of his favorite snacks. He once admitted that he tried to eat only healthy food because he has a very responsible attitude toward his body and health, but he loves eating cookies and frequently jokes about his passion, though when asked which he would prefer – to stop eating cookies or to stop YouTubing for life – he claimed he would rather stop eating cookies because he loved making YouTube videos even more. His favorite cookies are chip chocolate, and he dislikes oatmeal cookies with raisins. Cream-cookie ice cream is his favorite flavor.

Minecraft tops his list of favorite Xbox games, followed by Fortnite (which he frequently plays with his subscribers) and a slew of others.

Fascinating facts

He suffers from a severe kind of unidentified allergy that recurs frequently; on such days, BigBStatz is unable to stream with a webcam since he cannot properly breathe.

He is a close friend of another internet sensation, Martyn Littlewood, whose YouTube channel, “In the Littlewood,” has over 1.2 million subscribers. Martyn just married his girlfriend Netty (a YouTuber and Minecraft streamer), and BigBStatz and his wife were invited to the wedding ceremony to celebrate with Martyn’s family and other friends (who are mostly YouTubers and streamers also). The wedding took place on February 23, 2019.

BigBStatz is well-known for his compassionate and loving demeanor toward children. In November 2017, he paid a visit to one of his young followers who was in the hospital. BigBStatz is well-known for his frequent involvement with his followers, claiming that doing so allows him to stay on the same wavelength as the community and better understand the audience’s needs. After all, he acknowledges that it’s one of the ways he expresses his gratitude for all of the love and support he receives from his followers.

Social media

BigBStatz recently passed the two million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel on March 3, 2019, however, the number of followers on his YouTube channel continues to rise, so he now has over 2.2 million subscribers.

He also has a nearly 80,000-follower Instagram account. BigBStatz’s Twitter account has over 100,000 followers, and he usually uses it to advertise new videos or to talk with his fans. BigBStatz also has a channel on the Mobcrush streaming platform, which has over 15,500 followers.

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