Billy The Exterminator

Billy The Exterminator

Do you know Who is Billy The Exterminator?

The world is most familiar with Billy Bretherton Jr. as one of the former exterminators in the company Vexcon Animal & Pest Control, which was picked up by the Arts & Entertainment Network and featured in the show “Billy the Exterminator.” Billy Bretherton Jr. was born on December 16, 1968, in Bossier, Louisiana, the United States (2009-2012).

Billy The Exterminator: Early Life and Family

Bill Sr., often known as Big Bill, and his wife Donnie are his parents of Billy. Ricky Bretherton, his younger brother, also appeared in the well-liked reality show. Billy was a Senior Airman in the US Air Force before joining Vexcon. He initially intended to pursue a career in law enforcement, but after realizing he was interested in biology and entomology, while stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas, Nevada, he began studying bugs and vermin.

Billy The Exterminator Dating Life (Relationship)

Billy is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep their private lives private, but thanks to the popular show, which not only followed Billy at work but also at home, it has been revealed that Billy and Mary have been married since 2005 and have a son together named Bryce Bretherton, though the media is unsure of his exact birthdate.

But before Mary, Billy had previously been briefly married to Pam in the 1980s; this marriage, it seems, was not aided by Billy’s mother’s attitude on the union.

Billy The Exterminator Net worth, Earnings

Billy has established himself as a celebrity in his own right since entering the family business and effectively running it. He persisted in his job despite conflicts within his family, which significantly raised his financial worth, which was later bolstered by his endeavors. He has a fortune of up to $500,000.

Professional Career

Billy’s father, Bill Sr., founded Vexcon Animal & Pest Control in 1996. Billy immediately joined the company as an employee, and his brother Ricky also joined the expanding animal and pest control business. Billy subsequently took over as manager of the business as it continued to grow successfully, and in the years that followed, he turned it into one of the most reputable organizations in its industry.

Due to his popularity, Billy appeared in several “Dirty Jobs” episodes between 2005 and 2010, which led to the creation of the 2009 reality series “Billy the Exterminator.”

The A&E network’s “Billy the Exterminator” television series debuted on February 4, 2009, and ran until 2012. The episode also included Billy’s brother Ricky, his father Bill Sr., and his mother Donnie. After 75 episodes and six seasons, the sitcom was discontinued, primarily as a result of Billy’s conflict with his family. Following the argument, Billy relocated to Illinois, putting an end to both the show and his employment at Vexcon Animal & Pest Control.

Family Problems

As the series went on and the Bretherton family gained popularity, several internal issues started to surface. Billy moved to Chicago as a result of his resentment toward the entire family for reasons he has chosen not to discuss.

Jobs Following “Billy the Exterminator”

Billy experienced some legal issues after relocating to Chicago, Illinois, including being arrested for marijuana possession, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he partnered with Corus Entertainment and Proper Television to produce the reality TV show “Billy Goes North,” which was broadcast on CMT in Canada. The seventh season of the well-liked television series “Billy the Exterminator” debuted alongside the program in the USA.

Charges for Drug Possession

Billy and Mary were both arrested in 2012 on charges of possessing synthetic marijuana and the equipment they used to smoke it. While Mary’s charges were dropped, Billy was given a 60-day prison sentence, a $500 fine, community service, and rehab.

Social Media

More than 680,000 people follow him on his own Facebook page, where they have enjoyed the most exciting episodes of the hit television program “Billy the Exterminator” as well as a variety of other posts. You can view all of these posts on his official page. Although Billy the Exterminator doesn’t have an official Twitter or Instagram account, you may see several photographs of him there by searching for the hashtag Billy the Exterminator.

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