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Allana has a net worth of more than $2 million.

Brick Stowell

Brick Stowell’s Brief Bio

American music photographer Brick Stowell is a jack of all trades because he also manages tours and has experience working in retail.

Brick Stowell’s Education

Although Stowell’s exact age is unknown, some estimate that he is in his 30s. He was born in Marin County, California, a suburban location where he spent his teenage years but was enamored by its picturesque beauty, and he has American citizenship and is of white heritage. Brick frequently skipped lessons to go camping and explore with friends; because he lived in such a beautiful region, he developed an early love of nature. There is no information regarding Brick’s siblings; his mother was a preschool teacher and his father a financial advisor. He left Marin at the age of 17 and migrated to Los Angeles. There are no available details about his academic history. Brick Stowell’s Career Development

Established in the 2000s and based in Los Angeles, California, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All was a hip-hop group before simplifying to “Odd Future.” Later, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, and Earl Sweatshirt joined this collaboration to form a label. Brick made the decision to accept the position of tour manager for the label using his love of nature.

He manages the entire touring department of “Odd Future,” which includes making sure that these artists arrive at their performance places on schedule and have a wonderful tour free of problems. This gifted man has always had a special place for hip-hop music; he has always been captivated by the enthusiasm and outstanding performances that hip-hop artists display. He wanted to document some of the actions he saw while working as the “Odd Future” tour manager because he would be near to all of their concerts.


In terms of his private life, Brick is in a relationship with American actress Alanna Masterson. She is well recognized for her work on “The Walking Dead,” where she plays Tara Chambler, “First Day,” and “Mistresses.” Alanna was raised in Los Angeles despite being born on Long Island, New York.

On November 4, 2015, the couple gave birth to a daughter named Marlowe Masterson. When she was pregnant, the crew of “The Walking Dead” tried to conceal her developing baby belly until she was about six months along, but her admirers could see that she was gaining weight quickly. Some fans even went so far as to criticize her appearance, saying Alanna was overweight on a certain episode.

Her “The Walking Dead” character was written out of the last episodes of the sixth season and the first episodes of the seventh season when it became impossible to conceal her pregnancy. Alanna posted a picture of their newborn daughter along with the remark, “Dear Instagram trolls, body-shamers, and the men and women who think it is OK to comment on my weight, I hope that you don’t have children.”

Brick Stowell campaigned for acceptance and kindness in place of criticism and expressed her concerns about it. She claimed that she had to gain weight in order to breastfeed her child, but she is not ashamed of or sorry about this. She then canceled her Instagram account, but because of all the television shows she has appeared in, she is now well-known.

Brick Stowell’s Net worth

Stowell has been successful in generating a respectable income as both a photographer and an event manager. Although Brick Stowell’s annual income has not been made public online and is dependent on the variety of activities he engages in during any given year, sources estimate that he has a net worth of close to $1 million. According to reliable sources, his partner Allana has a net worth of more than $2 million.

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