Do you know Who is Brittany Daniel?

Brittany Ann Daniel was born on March 17, 1976, in Gainesville, Florida, USA, and is an actress best known for her role as Jessica Wakefield in the television series “Sweet Valley High.” She also played Kelly Pitts in the television series “The Game.”

Brittany Daniel: Childhood and Family

Brittany and Cynthia were raised in Gainesville alongside an older brother. Both sisters began modeling careers at the age of 11 and signed with the Ford Agency. They rose to prominence after appearing in various prominent magazines, including “YM” and “Seventeen,” and for a short time, they were also known as the Doublemint Twins due to their frequent appearances in Doublemint gum advertisements.

Brittany Daniel Dating Life (Relationship)

Daniel is known to have been in a relationship with actor Keenen Ivory Wayans from 2007 to 2014 before announcing their breakup. She was diagnosed with stage IV non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s sometime in 2011 and had to undergo chemotherapy to treat the malignancy after three years of declaring that she was cancer free. She began dating Adam Touni after her divorce from Wayans, and the couple married in 2017.

While Brittany has continued to act, her twin sister decided to leave the industry and pursue a career in photography instead. Brittany, like many other actors, is quite active online through social media accounts; on Instagram, she posts a lot of personal images as well as photos of herself at events.

She has also shared countless images of herself with her hubby and with other actors. Brittany Daniel also has a Twitter account, where she promotes forthcoming events and shares some of her daily thoughts. She links to several of her Instagram posts, even though she has not been active on Twitter since late 2018.

Brittany Daniel Net worth, Earnings

Brittany Daniel’s net worth is unknown. According to sources, she has a net worth of more than $4 million, which she obtained through a successful career as an actor. She has also appeared in several films over her career and is the twin sister of former actress Cynthia Daniel. It is projected that her wealth would increase as she advances in her job.

Professional Career

In 1989, the twins landed their first acting role in the sitcom “The New Normal.” “Leave It to Beaver,” also known as “Still the Beaver,” was a sequel to the original “Leave It to Beaver” that aired on TBS and the Disney Channel, and was one of the few television series revival sequels that centered on the original series characters. Three years later, she was cast in the teen drama “Swan’s Crossing,” and she relocated to New York for production. However, the show was short-lived, airing for only 13 weeks before being canceled.

Daniel landed a role in the television series “Sweet Valley High,” in which her sister was also cast, portraying the character Jessica Wakefield, while her real-life sister portrayed Jessica’s twin Elizabeth. The sitcom is partially based on Francine Pascal’s novel series of the same name, and it broadcast for four seasons before being terminated due to low ratings. During their time on the program, the twins made their cinematic debut alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Basketball Diaries,” an adaption of Jim Carroll’s autobiography of the same name, depicting Carroll’s journey as a promising basketball player who fell addicted to heroin.

Brittany starred in guest parts on several television shows and in supporting roles in films after her tenure at “Sweet Valley High.” She made a brief appearance in “Dawson’s Creek,” a teen drama series following a group of friends from high school to college. She also appeared in the 2000 television film “On Hostile Ground,” which aired on TBS.

Recent Initiatives

Brittany was cast as one of the primary characters in the 2002 sitcom “That ’80s Show,” which was conceived as a response to the popularity of “That ’70s Show,” but it was short-lived and canceled due to low ratings. During the same year, she starred in “That ’70s Show” with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Topher Grace, as well as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” in which she portrayed a transsexual.

In 2004, she began working with the Wayans Brothers on the comedy film “White Chicks,” about a team of FBI agents who go undercover as white ladies to solve a pair of kidnappings, and later on the film “Little Man.” She was cast in the television movie “Totally Awesome” in 2006, before getting a major role in the comedy “The Game,” in which she remained for the next five years, in the series of the long-running sitcom “Girlfriends.” Her latest projects include the films “Skyline” and “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser,” and she also played Blair in “Blackish.”

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