Brittany Mota-Wiley Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Brittany’s height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, and other personal information are currently unavailable.

Brittany Mota-Wiley

Do you know Who is Brittany Mota-Wiley?

Brittany Mota-Wiley is a social media influencer. Brittany Mota-Wiley predominantly creates material on YouTube. She may also be found on other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. She also maintains her own blog.

Quick Facts: Brittany Mota-Wiley

Full Name:Brittany Mota-Wiley
Age:30 years
Birthday:23 Sep
Marital status:Married
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:Youtuber, Blogger, Social Media Personality
Kids:Two (daughters Marin Mae and Camille Fae)
Siblings:One (sister Bethany Mota)
Mother:Tammy Mota

Brittany Mota-Wiley: Early Life and Family

Brittany Mota-Wiley is a 30-year-old woman who was born on September 23, 1990. Brittany is a Libra who was born in California. Bethany Mota is Brittany’s younger sister. She has featured in a lot of videos and vlogs created by her sister.

Brittany is also 5 years older than Bethany. Bridder Berry, Briddy, and Briddy B are some of her aliases. Tony and Tammy Mota are her parents’ names. Bethany’s mother used to assist her younger sister check her YouTube channel. Brittany has also yet to provide information regarding her educational experience. She and Bethany both have Portuguese ancestors. She lives around 20-30 minutes away from Bethany.


  • Brittany Mota-Wiley is an influencer on social media. On YouTube, she is best known as Bridder Berry, Briddy, and Briddy B. Brittany is a beauty and cosmetics YouTuber who has a channel called “HelloBriddy.”
    This channel, which has more than 75,400 subscribers, has been renamed “Briddy Nicole.”
  • Brittany studied medicine and worked as a medical assistant before concentrating on YouTube. She also considers herself to be a gourmand and a shopaholic.
  • Brittany’s most popular video on her channel is a “Sister Tag” video with her sister Bethany Mota.
  • Brittany likes a variety of music, including rock, rap, and pop. Her favorite colors are green, lavender, and turquoise, according to her. Bethany, her sister, described her as “gorgeous, sassy, and amusing.”
  • Bethany claims Brittany takes the least amount of time to get ready in their Best of Both Worlds TAG (The Sister TAG) video.
  • Brittany also adores movies like The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Harry Potter, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland, Something Borrowed, and others. She also likes to go shopping and eat out with Bethany.
  • Similarly, she has learned beauty techniques from her younger sister, such as how to mix eyeshadow and utilize liquid eyeliner.
  • Brittany also demonstrated how to sip Kool-Aid using a straw into her nose to her sister.
  • Brittany also follows YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles and The Potter Puppet Pals. Brittany has remarked that when she is unable to visit her sister, she misses her.
  • Chips and dip, Ruffles, Lunchables, Cheese and Crackers, and Girl Scout cookies are additional favorites.
  • Brittany also takes and borrows a lot of Beth’s wardrobe and cosmetics. She is also a fan of Pretty Little Liars, Cupcake Wars, Jersey Shore, and That 70’s Show. Brittany’s fashion sense has been characterized as adventurous, outrageous, bright, sparkly, and sequin-y.

Brittany Mota-Wiley Dating Life (Relationship)

Brittany Mota-Wiley is married, however, her husband’s name has not been released. They have two daughters together. Marin Mae and Camille Fae are their names. Her daughter, Marin Mae Wiley, is also well-known on Instagram. Brittany announced her pregnancy with Marin in May 2012 on her YouTube channel.

How Tall is Brittany Mota-Wiley? Weight, Hair Color

Unfortunately, no measurements for Brittany Mota-body Wiley are available. Brittany’s height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, and other personal information are currently unavailable. Similarly, she has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

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