Brittanya Razavi’s husband and children supported her through her highs and lows.


Brittanya Razavi’s Husband Moe Has Been With Her For A Decade, Despite The Fact That She Was Arrested. They have two sons, Cash and Legend, who are their only children. Find out more!

Brittanya O’Campo, also known as Brittanya Razavi, has experienced numerous ups and downs in her life. She rose to fame as a reality star after appearing on the show Real Chance Of Love and was imprisoned for attacking a lady.
Despite the fact that her reputation and celebrity were soiled by her time in prison, the reality star has handled everything life has to offer with grace. Thanks to her devoted husband, who has stood by her side as a rock.

Brittanya is being held in custody on charges of battery and assault.

Brittanya, an outspoken American model, was sentenced to six months in prison in 2010.
She had pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman with a “pimp chalice,” as the cops described it. The 35-year-old was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery as a result of his actions.

Although the alleged event occurred in 2008, Brittanya was arrested and imprisoned in the Ventura County Jail two years later.

When she was sentenced to prison, she was three months pregnant.

When Brittanya was sentenced to prison in 2010, she was three months pregnant with her son, Cash.
However, it was only approximately a decade later that the reality star brought the news to light. Brittanya took to Instagram on July 27, 2019, to remember those who doubted her during her worst days.
Her comeback story was an example to those who had no support in life, she stated in the description. At the time of her incarceration, the TV personality stated that she was three months pregnant.

“I’m 3 months pregnant with some chola brows hating life,” she captioned the photo.
“Here I am sharing the most raw photo of myself with you guys to reveal everything of myself & show you all there is always hope!” she said.

Even when Brittanya was at her lowest, her husband remained faithful.

Marcello Razavi, popularly known as Moe Drama or Lucky Razavi, is Brittanya’s husband, and the two have been married for almost a decade.

Her husband has been by her side through every high and low in her life, which comes as no surprise. He was present when she rose to popularity, and he was still present when she was imprisoned.
In a nutshell, Marcello, who has a degree in fashion design, has been by her side as a faithful partner throughout her life, to the point where he even tattooed her name on his face when she was serving her prison sentence.

On January 23, 2020, the reality star herself spoke about her husband’s dedication in a special anniversary Instagram post, naming her husband.

She showed her admiration for her husband’s dedication in a lengthy post, writing, “He loved me at my worst, therefore he has my allegiance at my finest.”

She continued, “A whole decade later, now aren’t u happy @moe.drama u tatted my name on ur face while I was locked up a whole bunch of years ago & I told you “smart move, I’ll never make you regret that” and I ain’t never lied!”

“…(he got the tat when I was broke before we had kids & at my lowest point) proven your loyalty to me time after time & I told your azz you’d have my heart forever for it,” Brittanya added.

After learning this, we can confidently state that Brittanya’s husband has remained at her side through thick and thin, supporting her and strengthening their bond.

Brittanya Razavi is the mother of three children.

Brittanya is the mother of three sons as of 2021. Her latest two boys, Cash and Legend, were born to her and her husband Moe Drama, although her eldest son Romeo was the result of a previous relationship.
She isn’t shy about posting personal information about her children on social media, and she occasionally expresses her love for them.

She stated in a March 2020 article that her eldest son, Cash, was her only company in prison (before to his birth) and that she never felt alone with him.

While she made it clear that her autistic son, Cash, was her favorite, she also expressed her affection for her younger son.

Legend was Brittanya’s twin, the boy counterpart of herself, she wrote. Legend, she said, was a natural-born hustler who could produce whatever he desired despite the world’s opposition.

Similarly, on January 8, 2020, she stated that her eldest kid [from a previous relationship] was 18 years old in a tweet.

“Yes, I have three boys, one of which is eighteen, and his pals are all eighteen and jacking off to my stuff,” she wrote.
Razavi appears to have turned her life around thanks to her children and husband’s unwavering love and support. She is now the founder and CEO of 187 Inc., a small but growing custom-made streetwear firm. Her husband and she operate the company together.