Bryan Lanning

Bryan Lanning

Do you know Who is Bryan Lanning?

Bryan Lanning is a self-sufficient individual with true aesthetic skills. He was born into the world and discovered the middle importance of a family amid challenging circumstances. His edge in music and orchestration, such as Idaho and This Is Home tunes, propelled him forward. Lanning, his better half, and their children are currently well-known for their video blog Daily Bumps.

Quick Facts: Bryan Lanning

Full Name: Bryan Lanning
Age: 31
Birthday: January 20, 1990
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Capricorn
HuWife/Girlfriend: N/A
Net Worth: $26,000
Profession: social media celebrity

Bryan Lanning: Early Life and Family

Bryan Lanning was born in the United States on January 20, 1990. He is 31 years old and a Capricorn. He and his sister, Bev, were reared by a single mother in San Diego, California. Furthermore, he has not offered any additional information on his family background. He was the outcome of an affair that did not lead to marriage and was born to a single mother.

He had no idea who his father was for a long time. Nonetheless, he was able to discover his biological father in 2014 owing to social media and his vast fan base. Bryan and his elder sister were reared by their grandma in San Diego. His boyhood was marred by poverty, and he was unable to receive a solid education. He developed his profession via hard work and support from his grandma.

Education Details

He also has a university degree, which is uncommon for a young performer in the entertainment world. He went to Boise State University as well. He was tormented a lot in high school and was really into music. He looks to be an intelligent and gifted man.

Bryan Lanning Net worth, Earnings

The net worth of Bryan Lanning is unknown. Similarly, when it comes to Bryan’s earnings and net worth, he must certainly be quite wealthy. He will earn money through his YouTube account and singing ability. However, other sources estimate his net worth to be about $26,000 as of January 2020.

Aside from that, the great vocalist offers items like T-shirts and phone cases. The selling of such items provides additional revenue for the household.

Bryan Lanning Dating Life (Relationship)

Bryan Lanning’s girlfriend’s name? Bryan’s high school love, Missy, was a bridesmaid. Oliver “Ollie” James and Finley are their two children. Finley was born in the year 2015. They appear to be madly in love, as seen by their regular social media postings of themselves together. He has also never been involved in any speculations or controversies.

He and his wife have both exhibited a significant interest in philanthropic causes and have taken part in a range of charitable activities regularly. They began aiding struggling horse farms in the United States using the money they received from selling iPhone covers as part of their relationship with Karma. The pair has also donated to the ‘Anchor Cambodia Fund,’ which helps disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

The YouTube Career of Bryan and Missy

In 2011, he left Emmett, Idaho, with his high school love, his puppy, and a dream. They subsequently moved to California, where they became well-known on YouTube for sharing their happy, country-living mentality with the rest of the world.

Bryan and his partner, Missy, launched the “Bumps Along the Way” YouTube channel and the Daily Bumps Vlog to capture their experience leading up to and following the birth of their first child. He also made an appearance in the video “EVERY FLAVOR BEAN CHALLENGE!”

Bryan Lanning, his wife Missy Lanning, and their children were all featured on his YouTube vlog. He has a funny family photo and video collection aimed toward other young families. The vlog was an instant success. It immediately surpassed a billion views. Bryan Lanning’s skills as a professional cameraman helped to boost the channel’s appeal.

How Tall is Bryan Lanning? Weight, Hair Color

How tall is Bryan Lanning? Bryan stands 5’8″ tall and weighs 75 kilos. His chest, hips, and arms are 42-32-14 inches in size. Bryan is a man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He’s kept his body in shape and looks great.

Professional Career

  • “This is Home,” his debut song, was released in 2016. This song’s music video has over 9 million views and shows his wife and children.
  • Similarly, his ambition to become a traveling musician motivated him to make a healthy lifestyle change and drop more than 80 pounds, which led him to Cali Co.—a professional music studio.
  • Daniel Martin, a long-time friend, and producer, aided him in starting the business from scratch.
  • He continues to grow as an artist by collaborating with other professionals as he moves to a career in live entertainment, where he can show his family the globe while sharing a piece of himself with the people.
  • Bryan Lanning started releasing music on his website and social media platforms.
  • ‘Who Knew’ and ‘This Is Home’ are two of his hits. He released an EP named “Like a Lion” in 2016.
  • Bryan Lanning’s “Could’ve Been” (Official Audio), Two of his most recent videos are “Hey! – Bryan Lanning (Official Lyric Video)” and “Hey! – Bryan Lanning (Official Lyric Video)” (Quarantined Acoustic).
  • There are 391k subscribers and over 38 million views on the channel.

Social Media

Bryan is a popular social media personality with a significant following. He is active on several social media networks. He has over 546K followers on Instagram and over 180.2K followers on Twitter.

Bryan is still active on Facebook, where he has over 65K followers, and on YouTube, where he has over 387K subscribers. His family’s YouTube channel, “Daily Bumps,” has more than 4.96 million subscribers.

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