Burzis Kanga

Burzis Kanga

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Burgis Kanga didn’t get much attention on social media until he married TV star and news woman Hoda Kotb. Burgis, on the other hand, dropped off social media radars shortly after their divorce in 2008, preferring to return to his low-key life. Let’s see what he’s up to these days and learn more about his age, family, and net worth.

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Burgis Kanga: Early Life and Family

Burzis Kanga was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, circa 1963; the exact date of his birth is unknown. Hoda Kotb, his wife, was born in 1964, therefore they are most likely the same age. Little is known about his family; his parents’ names are unknown; nevertheless, sources indicate he originates from an Egyptian family with ancestors dating back to Tanzania, East Africa, despite being requested to play tennis for India at one point. Burzis may have purposefully concealed his personal information because he disliked being in the spotlight and hasn’t revealed any intimate details in all these years.

Education Details

By the end of 1984, he had graduated from an American university with a BA in Business Science, and he wanted to spend more time playing professional tennis.

Burzis Kanga Dating Life (Relationship)

Burzis rose to prominence thanks to television personality Hoda Kotb. Hoda was born on August 9, 1964, in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, and is of Egyptian heritage. Hoda and Burzis first met in 2004, when they were both invited to attend an American Heart Association event in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day. Burzis and Hoda began dating after getting to know each other. He proposed to Hoda in May 2005, and they married in a private ceremony in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in December 2005, with few friends present, since both Hoda and Burzis preferred to keep this event as low-key as possible.

Burzis Kanga Net worth, Earnings

Burzis’ current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million by reputable sources, and according to additional statistics from similar sources, Burzis may make more than $100,000 per year in his coaching and other professions. He is still employed with New Orleans Privateers, thus his net worth will only increase in the future.

Professional Career

Burzis has loved tennis since he was a child, and he spends most of his free time playing it. He took tennis seriously, but he also paid close attention to his schoolwork, as he was a successful student at his local high school. From 1980 to 1983, he was a part of a private tennis team where he was an essential and very skilled team member, playing four seasons and winning more than 50 matches with his teammates.

Professional Career

Burzis settled his tennis career after several successful seasons in Europe, the United States, and Mexico. His abilities were rewarded with some spectacular victories, which spread the news about his sporting ability. He is also renowned as the one who restored normalcy to the University Tennis Center. Burzis became a Sports Commissioner of AAU Junior Olympics events in 1996, and a board member of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation a few years later, retaining this post for several years and putting in a lot of effort, contributing to the development of tennis and the foundation itself.

Burzis was a coach at UNO (University of New Orleans) from 1986 to 1989, then left for more than a decade until returning in 2003. In five years, Burzis was offered to work as a coach of Lakefront, later becoming the head coach there in 2008.

He was a big success as a senior coach in his first season, receiving the highest marks, and he also set a record as the only member of the University of New Orleans tennis team to receive the prestigious All-American accolades. He  has also completed the certification process and has been awarded the United States Tennis Association’s Professional 1 Certificate.

Burzis is still working as a coach for the time being. He has been the head coach of the New Orleans Privateers for more than nine years, working with both men’s and women’s tennis teams.

Divorce, afterlife

During Burzis and Hoda’s marriage, she battled early stages of breast cancer and had breast surgery. Those were trying days for both Hoda and Burzis, and their marriage could not withstand them. Burzis couldn’t help but give up when his father became ill, and they split in 2008.

Burzis is currently single or keeps his private life low-key because nothing is known about his current relationship status; he does not have any children. Hoda has been dating Joel Schiffman, a 61-year-old inve,stor, and entrepreneur, since 2013. He is unable to have children as a result of her cancer treatment, but this has not prevented her from adopting children. Hoda adopted a girl named Haley Joy in 2017 and another named Hope Catherine in April 2019.

How Tall is Burzis Kanga? Weight, Hair Color

Burzis is a tall man with hazel eyes and grey hair. Burzis stands 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, is an active sportsman, and his weight is estimated to be around 170lbs (78kgs). In terms of wardrobe, he loves to wear casual and athletic clothes, which complement his slim build and make him feel at ease both at home and at work.

Social media

Burgis is not active on any social media sites; he has no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles or accounts. Though his ex-wife is an avid social media user, Burzis likes to keep his life out of wider society, much as he did before he met Hoda.

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