Carol Lee and her Army husband had a secret wedding.

NBC’s Carol E. Lee got married to an army officer in a private wedding. In the wedding there were only selected and close guests were spotted. Here we have collected a few available details about the reporter’s nuptials. Also, take a look to know about her 8-year old son Hudson Lee!

Carol Lee

While some people like to talk about their private lives, NBC News’ political reporter Carol Lee has chosen to keep hers private. When the former president of the White House Correspondents’ Association got married to an army officer, only a few people who knew them were there. It was a very private wedding. Her wedding news comes from a source other than the reporter herself.
She married Major Ryan Harmon, and it was a quiet wedding. Carol’s wedding didn’t get a lot of attention from people on social media or anywhere else. It was in June of this year that she married Major Ryan Harmon The names of the bridal party were reported by the Politico: Brianna Keilar, Elyse Labott, and Anne Schroeder. Julie Mason was also in charge of the wedding. Margaret Talev and Jeff Mason were also on the guest list, as well as Erica Werner, Kristen Welker, and John Hughes, Dafna Linzer, Elena Nachmanoff, and Nedra Pickler. Also on the guest list were Jerry Seib and John Garcia.

New Hope, Pennsylvania, is where the wedding took place. The Hotel du Village

 Carol Lee and her husband met through their friends.

Fernando Lujan and Brianna Keilar, who are also married, helped the couple get to know each other. In the Politico Newsletter from the time, it said that they met Lee and introduced her to the man who would become her husband. It was at a barbecue party that Lee and Harmon first met. Lujan and Keilar were hosting the party. A few days after their first meeting and greeting, they kept in touch. In the end, they began to date seriously. When Lee got engaged to her husband in 2018, the newsletter said that. There Is Already A Child In Carol Lee, So She Is Already A Mother.
After meeting her husband, she had a son named Hudson Lee. There is a chance that her son is from a previous relationship, but it isn’t certain because she hasn’t talked about it in public.

A birthday tweet the reporter sent for Hudson’s birthday in 2018 is where this piece of information came from.

Carol Lee’s been a reporter for a long time.

There is a journalism program at New York University. The person who lives in Washington, DC took the program. After she graduated, she worked in politics for three years in Florida, including covering the 2008 presidential campaign, for three of those years. Her next move was to Washington, where she worked as a White House Correspondent for a number of different media outlets, including Politico and the Wall Street Journal, until she moved back to New York. As a White House Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, she joined the paper in 2011. For Politico, she had been covering the White House for a long time. She started with President Obama’s transition in Chicago. President of the White House Correspondents’ Association was another job that she held, as well as president of the group.

Lee is now a regular national political reporter for NBC News, and he also makes appearances as a commentator on TV and radio shows like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and Sirius XM.