Cassius Riley

Cassius Riley

Morgan O’Kane and Domino Kirke have a son named Cassius Riley. Domino is currently married to Penn Badgley, who portrayed serial-stalker Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s hit show You.

Domino Kirke, her mother, is also an English-American singer. Mike Ronson is one of the musicians with whom she has collaborated on various albums.

People are interested in learning more about their son Cassius Riley. And we’ve compiled a list of Cassius Riley facts to help you learn more about him.

Cassius Riley’s Age: How Old Is He?

Riley Cassius was born in the year 2009. Domino reared her son on her own when she divorced Morgan. He is a 12-year-old boy. His grandparents are Simon Kirke and Lorraine Kike. Olive May, his great-grandmother, was an Israeli, and his great-grandfather, Vivian Percy Kirke, was also a well-known character in the media. Rafaella Israel Mosberg and Memphis Kirke Mosberg are Riley’s cousins.

Cassius is of mixed ancestry and holds an American passport. He’ll most likely be in fifth or sixth grade. He now lives with his mother and stepfather, Penn Badgley, an actor, and musician. He is well recognized for his role as Dan Humphery on The CW’s adolescent drama Gossip Girl, which he played from 2007 until 2012.

Is Cassius Riley’s real father Penn Badgley?

Cassius’ biological father is not Penn Badgley. Instead, Morgan O’Kane is Domino’s first husband and Cassius’ biological father. He lives in Brooklyn and is a musician who plays the banjo.

They met in a squat on the Lower East Side in 2007, when Morgan was living there. Domino later approached him about collaborating. The couple started dating after falling in love at first sight.

What Caused Cassius’ Parents to Divorce?

Everything was done according to their wishes during their nearly three-year relationship. However, the breakup came as a surprise. They both agreed that it was time to go on with their lives. They did not reveal the cause for this in order to protect their privacy.

Morgan’s words are, “Choosing to stay in that world meant slowing death.” According to him, music allowed him to fulfill his dream of traveling the world while supporting his family.

Penn Badgley’s Life With Domino Kirke

In 2014, the couple married. After a four-year courtship, they married. Cassius was observed at the wedding ceremony as their parents exchanged vows.

Domino and Penn, as well as their child, seem to have a happy family.

The couple is expecting their first child together. Of course, Cassius will have a sibling with whom he may share everything.

Cassius Riley’s net worth is unknown.

Cassius is a well-off young man. Despite the fact that the 12-year-old has no source of income of his own, he lives in luxury with his parents. His mother, on the other hand, has a net worth of $1 million. His stepfather, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $8 million.

The Internet and Social Media

Cassius, despite his celebrity status, is not active on social media. When it comes to social media, he has kept a safe distance. He doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter.

He doesn’t appear to like all of the attention that comes with social media. In any case, it’s always a matter of personal preference. There are, nevertheless, a few fan pages dedicated to his name.

Facts of Cassius Riley
Date of Birth:2009
NameCassius Riley
FatherPenn Badgley
MotherDomino Kirke