Chris Hamilton: Who Is He? Meet the ‘Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days’ Star


Chris Hamilton got inspired to be involved in the racing business.

Chris Hamilton

Street Outlaws is a Discovery reality television show that has been airing since 2013. The show is centered on the underground world of street racing in the United States. Street Outlaws features a variety of drivers competing for a spot in the top ten. It all started in Oklahoma City’s racing communities. However, the drivers have competed against other outlaws from California to Michigan. Outlaws: Mega Cash Days featured 64 racers from across the United States competing for a grand prize.

The first season of the show aired from January 12 to March 30, 2021. The 12-episode season was hosted by Chris Hamilton. He was famously known as Boosted GT, and he used to star in Street Outlaws, where he made it to the top ten list.
Now, Boosted GT has returned to the franchise — not to race, but to host the new Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days spinoff.

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Chris Hamilton’s Father Was Influenced Him

Before Chris Hamilton was born, his father was interested in cars and racing. From the 1960s to the 1980s, he competed in races with his Chevelle. Unfortunately, he sold the car before the birth of his son. Hamilton couldn’t see his father’s car, but he had heard a lot of stories about it. He also learned how to operate a vehicle, particularly how to put and take things apart. Hamilton’s first car was an S10 Blazer from 1987. He later upgraded to a 1968 Chevelle, which was similar to his father’s previous vehicle.

Everything his father taught him served him well in the future, as he followed in his father’s footsteps to become a racer. He became not only a racer, but also a host for the critically acclaimed show’s spin-off. Despite the time commitment, Hamilton had previously learned how to host from Justin Shearer (Big Chief) and Chris Collins (Limpy). Cash Days was run by the duo. As a result, Hamilton had a basic understanding of how to host.

Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days, Mega Cash Days Discovery desired something unique. They were looking for someone calm and level-headed, and Hamilton was the epitome of that.
Hamilton used a clever technique to host the show. He developed patience and a thick skin. He did not budge from other people’s grudges; instead, he made a decision and stuck to it. Because he was once one of those racers, he knew it wasn’t the host they were upset with. Hamilton grew tired of hosting at times. He did not, however, give up.

Despite the fact that the job was difficult at times, he enjoyed hosting the reality show.

Chris Hamilton’s Family and Other Employment

Outside of the Street Outlaws, Hamilton has a wonderful life. Kayla Morton, a fellow racer, is his girlfriend. They have a child together. Hamilton and Morton met on the set of Street Outlaws. Morton was also inspired to become a racer by her father.She was regarded as Oklahoma’s best female street racer. The couple knew each other before they met on set. They did, however, get to know each other better after they raced together. They began dating soon after that. The couple has been together for a while, but it is unknown whether they are married or not.

Hamilton has a full-time job in addition to racing and hosting. He works as a contractor for the military and has traveled to several countries as part of his job. Hamilton spends his free time with his son when he is not working. Hamilton is devoted to his son because he enjoys being a father. He wishes to be remembered as a good man and a good father to his child.
He now resides in Texas with Morton and their son.