Chris P Bacon

Chris P Bacon

Do you know Who is Chris P Bacon?

Chris P Bacon is a pet pig in a wheelchair who is incredibly popular on Facebook and other social media networks. Chris was born in the United States on January 13, 2013, hence he is a Capricorn with American nationality.

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Chris P Bacon: Early Life and Family

Pig has lived his entire life with his devoted owner, a veterinarian who has taken excellent care of him over the years. Chris was born with deformed back legs, but his owner was there for him when his original owner suggested euthanasia, and he created a wheelchair as a prosthetic that has been changed as Chris grew.

Chris didn’t go to school, but his owner trained him at home – he knows how to eat… and sleep. Pig did not have any brothers or sisters when his owner adopted him, but he is today the lone pig living with his ‘father’ – Len Lucero, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – and his mother’s identity is unknown. His owner frequently takes him to the University of Florida hospital to get his health checked.

Chris P Bacon Dating Life (Relationship)

Regardless, the pig Chris hasn’t ‘spoken’ about his dating status, but he appears to be single and content with his life with his best friend, who also happens to be his owner. Chris’s owner is not his only companion, since he spends a lot of time with Aspen, his owner’s dog – Chris is also an uncle, as Aspen has puppies. They are not alone on the farm, as they have many other companions, including horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and many other creatures, with whom they appear to get along quite fine.

It is unknown whether Chris’ owner has set up any blind dates for him in the past, or if Chris intends to have any babies in the future – we hope his owner will help him experience pig love by locating a female pig for him.

Chris P Bacon’s net wealth and earnings

Chris’ current net worth is reported to be approximately $50,000, and he normally donates all of that money to the animal shelter because he is such a kind and sensitive pig.

Professional Career

Chris’ (or his owner’s) career began in January 2013, when his owner began uploading his recordings to his YouTube channel, which now has over 12,000 subscribers and over 4.1 million views across all of its videos combined. Other videos on the channel show Chris ‘driving’ his prosthesis, eating, doing hilarious things, and spending quality time with his owner and other farm animals.

His owner appears to have become more focused on his Facebook page, as the most recent video, titled “Chris P Bacon Rabbit,” was uploaded to the YouTube channel on 17 August 2016, and has been viewed approximately 10,000 times.

Although YouTube helped him acquire popularity, Chris the Pig became well-known on the internet thanks to his Facebook account – because he doesn’t know how to handle a camera, Chris the Pig asked his owner to take his images and videos and upload them to Facebook.

He also had his owner translate his clever thoughts from English to English and put them as captions to his images – Chris quickly gained popularity, and his Facebook page now has over 120,000 fans.

His owner has also created a website for Chris, where he sells a book titled “Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far,” which is designed specifically for children. The website also includes toys that look like Chris, videos, links to Chris’s other social media accounts, and a contact form in case you have any questions or suggestions. His owner has also written a second book, “How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon.”

Chris is also an actor, and it appears that he has accomplished more in life than some humans – he has been in shows such as “Anderson Live,” “Chris P Bacon Action News,” “The Today Show,” and various episodes on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and PBS.

Chris’ owner, Dr. Len Lucero

Len Lucero prefers to avoid the public and does not brag about everything that he has done to help Chris and several other animals live normal lives (and not be killed for meat).

Len is a well-educated man who earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Florida in May 2012.

Before attending college, he served in the United States Air Force as an aircraft weapons systems expert from September 1989 to September 2009 – he proudly claims to have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, including in an unknown location in the Middle East.

Len began his veterinary career in June 2012, when he began working as a Veterinarian for East Side Animal Hospital, where he has been ever since.

He started working for East Side Animal Hospital at the same time he started working for Sumter Mobile Veterinary Services, and he has been doing both jobs for over seven years now. Len is always on call 24 hours a day, including weekends, and if he is unable to visit your farm in time, he knows numerous other veterinarians who may be able to assist you.

Len does not appear to be very active on the internet, since he only appears to use Facebook and YouTube on occasion.

Other interests and hobbies

Although Chris appears to like being the hero of his videos, he appears to have hobbies other than being an internet sensation.

Chris, being a pig, certainly eats a lot more than his owner, and his favorite food is cheerios – he also likes fruit. His favorite fruit is grapes, but he enjoys practically every food thing.

He enjoys playing with toys, his favorite being Doinky, a yellow duck. Chris also appears to enjoy fundraising, as he has assisted his owner in raising funds for animal shelters on multiple occasions. Most of all, Chris enjoys spending time with his farm buddies, and he frequently goes outdoors to play and run with his dog pal Aspen – the two appear to be inseparable.

How Tall is Chris P Bacon? Weight, Hair Color

Chris is now six years old. He is a large white pig whose height and weight are unknown.

social media

Chris is active on various prominent social media networks, but because he hasn’t yet learned to write, his owner is translating his pig thoughts into English. He started his Twitter account in January 2013, just as the other animals on the farm were doing, and has already tweeted nearly 2,200 times. Chris has approximately 170 photos on his Instagram account, and he is also quite active on Facebook, where he has over 120,000 fans.

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