Claudia Jordan has a new boyfriend after a string of bad relationships.

Claudia Jordan, a former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and talk show host, is back in the dating world.

Claudia Jordan Is Dating Who?

Jordan appears smitten with her current partner Kendal Dismute, a real estate agent and, more curiously, a former sergeant in the US Air Force, despite her history of heartbreaks and public scandals.

Dismute, sometimes known as Kj Dismute, must be aware of Jordan’s past, but he also appears to be invested in the relationship. On both his business and personal Instagram accounts, he has photos of the two of them.

Both Dismute and Jordan are quick to offer compliments and aren’t afraid to show their adoration in public.

While supporters may only hope for the best, they will be wary of Jordan’s tumultuous history.

Past Engagements and Annulments of Claudia Jordan

Jordan has been on the verge of getting married twice. The first occurred in 2009 when she was seeing Datari Turner, an actress, and producer, before secretly marrying him on a whim.

Their tragic marriage, on the other hand, lasted barely three months before being annulled.

Turner was later accused of being a fraud who “lied about everything” and “misrepresented himself,” according to the reality star. During their time together, she even claimed Turner had a hidden girlfriend.

Jordan did not rush into her next relationship, but after dating Medina Islam for six months in 2016, she found herself in a similar scenario.
She shocked viewers when she revealed that she and the star were “on their way to the altar.”

But things swiftly deteriorated, and Jordan did not hesitate to make stunning accusations against her husband.

She claimed that Islam had “body-slammed her against a toilet so hard that it damaged the porcelain” in an episode of Cocktails with Queens.

At the time, Islam did not answer, but four years later embarked on an Instagram rant to vehemently defend himself.

I am a lot of things, but one thing I am not is some WWF wrestler body slamming women across toilets. This is Pathetic, Trifling & Desperate.

He’s subsequently taken down the post.

While this was probably Jordan’s lowest point in her love life, she also carries additional baggage.

A Serious Scandal of the high Order

Jordan recently said on The Domenick Nati Show that Kanye West made overtures toward her while he was married to Kim Kardashian. She stated, ”

Years ago, he tried… I’d already met him. I also spent time with Kim. And, um, Girl code, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do it. Let’s just put it that way.