Claudia Oshry Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship

Claudia Oshry estimated net worth of close to $500,000.

Claudia Oshry

Do you know Who is Claudia Oshry?

Claudia Oshry, a 24-year-old Caucasian YouTuber and social media influencer, was born under the sign of Cancer on July 10, 1994, in New York City, USA. She is likely most known for having a sizable online following thanks to her Instagram and Tumblr accounts, where she goes by the name “Girl With No Job” and frequently posts content about the lives of her classmates, typically in the form of humorous photographs, sometimes known as memes. Since 2014, she has achieved a lot of achievements in her sometimes profitable social media personality profession.

Claudia Oshry: Early Life and Family

Claudia was raised by her mother Pamela Geller, a political activist, blogger, and pundit, and her late father Michael Oshry, a man of the unknown profession who passed away in 2008 after suffering a heart attack. Her paternal grandparents are textile manufacturers Lillian and Rueben Geller. Jackie, Olivia, and Margo Oshry are Claudia’s three siblings; only Olivia isn’t well-known because Jackie is better recognized as @jackieoproblems and Margo as @hungoverandhungry.

Education Details

Regarding her schooling, she went to Ramaz School, where she finished in 2012, and then continued to New York University, where she received an undetermined degree in 2015.

Professional Career

At the age of 19, Claudia interned for an unnamed fashion brand during her first year of junior college. Claudia Oshry posted pictures of herself wearing various apparel pieces on Instagram along with numerous memes. She committed herself full-time to making these memes as entertaining as possible and posting them more frequently after realizing that they were attracting a much larger following than her other content. Claudia Oshry responded, “Analytics is incredibly crucial,” when asked for advice on how to become an influential social media celebrity.

I can now view the top ten posts that have performed the best, and they all share a common topic, according to Oshry. “They’re all often pretty self-deprecating about watching Netflix on the weekends, needing to stay in, not wanting to go out, and so I know something along those lines that fit in that theme is going to go well. Many of the things I post cause people to think of their buddy or they can identify with them so well that they feel the urge to say, “@Amanda, look at this,” to them, according to Oshry. And that’s great for me because that’s how I develop—by having people tag their friends who might not follow me. She is currently traveling the nation with a comedy act.

Claudia Oshry Dating Life (Relationship)

Since September 17th, 2017, Claudia has been wed to Ben Soffer, better known online as @boywithnojob, who, like her, frequently shares amusing pictures on social media. termed their New York City wedding as “classic yet trendy.” When asked about the entire event, Claudia said: “It was fantastic. My feet are hurting so much. It unmistakably felt like my night. I deliberately abstained from drinking because I wanted to remember everything and be as alert as possible. The minor details with the folks made me incredibly delighted as I circled the room a hundred times. I simply wanted to be there. At the time of their wedding, Soffer was two years older than Claudia, who was 25. Their union has not been the subject of any controversy.

The Mother-Daughter Scandal

Although Claudia’s posts generally lack sensitivity, it appears that her audience is fairly sensitive despite being charmed by her memes. When Taylor Lorenz of The Daily Beast revealed on February 28 that Claudia and her sisters are the daughters of the co-founder of the Stop Islamization of America organization, their social media popularity plummeted. Claudia’s sisters Jackie and Margo are also well-known on social media, but what didn’t factor into their early careers was the fact that the divisive and outspoken Pamela Geller is their mother. At the time, Claudia and Jackie were hosts of “The Morning Breath” live program on Facebook and YouTube. However, after discovering their family connection, Oath Inc.

officials sacked them, causing Claudia to lose over 40,000 followers in a single day. She then uploaded a video to her Instagram account with the caption, “I just need to apologize.” My mother’s identity was revealed in some news this morning, and a few of my truly revolting, hateful, and idiotic tweets suddenly reappeared. I must express my regrets openly and honestly. It’s neither cool nor humorous. I was a stupid child. I thought I was being hilarious and cool on Twitter when I was 16 years old, but I wasn’t. No, I’m not a racist.

Claudia Oshry Net worth, Earnings

Ever wonder how wealthy Claudia Oshry is right now, in the middle of 2018? Claudia is a social media sensation who has amassed an estimated net worth of close to $500,000, according to several reliable sources. She has made the most of her money through her extended presence on Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube under the handle GirlWithNoJob. The aforementioned sum is anticipated to rise as her career progresses.

How Tall is Claudia Oshry? Weight, Hair Color

Regarding the aspiring celebrity’s physical characteristics, her vital signs are 41-34-39, and she is 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.68m). Her eyes and hair are both dark brown, and her physique is typically regarded as curvaceous. She also wears shoes that are size 7.

Social Media

Nowadays, active celebrities maintain a tight and active interaction with their followers as a result of the significant effect of social networks, to boost the popularity of the projects they’re working on and hence their net worth. Claudia appears to be a consistent user, if not the poster child for this celebrity trend, as she is present on the majority of well-liked social networking platforms. Her Instagram account has over 2.8 million fans, nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook, and 10,000 on Twitter. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel with nearly 14,000 subscribers.

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