Cody Jinks’ wife, his harshest critic, assists him in songwriting.

Rebecca Jinks, Cody’s wife, has always been a harsh critic of his music.

Cody Jinks, a former metal band vocalist who later became a country musician, is a loving husband to his wife. The artist may have won the hearts of his fans and critics, but he has always had one harsh critic who is difficult to satisfy in his life. Rebecca, his wife, is the one in question.
Several of his love songs have been heavily influenced by her. To top it off, she’s collaborated with him on a couple tracks.

The Wife of Jinks Is a Scathing Critic of His Love Songs

Jinks’ 2016 album, ‘I’m Not The Devil,’ was a hit with both fans and reviewers, debuting at number five on Billboard’s Country Albums Chart.
However, in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that there was one critic who was more difficult to please: his wife. Until he penned ‘She’s All Mine,’ a single from his ‘I’m Not The Devil’ album, the singer struggled to write a love song she enjoyed.

“It’s the first successful attempt at a love song ever that my wife has actually liked, which I’ve written a lot of them over the years for her. She really loves this one. It’s a straight-up, just old school kind of country tune, talking about how awesome, you know she is anhow awesome I’ve been during the 19 years we’ve been together. “

Later, the musician clarified on Facebook that he was being sarcastic when he made the above-mentioned statement.

Cody Jinks’ Facebook post, where he explained he was sarcastic when he spoke to Rolling Stone. (Photo: Cody Jinks’ Facebook)

The Negative Side of Marrying a Musician

Jinks and his wife Rebecca have been married for a long time. On October 1, 2013, they married and welcomed two children: a son and a daughter.

But it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows in their relationship.
The artist released two albums under his label in 2019, the first of which was titled ‘After The Fire,’ and featured a single called ‘Tell ‘Em What It’s Like,’ written from his wife’s perspective. The song delves into the dark, unglamorous, and ugly aspects of marrying a country music celebrity.

Rebecca explained how this song came to be to Whiskey Riff, saying that you can’t understand something unless you’ve lived it.

“They ask starry eyed questions wanting to know about our life and what it is like to be married to Cody- usually because they have some fantastic ideas about the glamour of it all. But beyond the lights there is a dark side, a lonely side, a scary side, a very unglamorous and unflattering side to be married to a musician.”

“Cody expertly articulates what the audience don’t see — the challenges that a partnership goes through when one person is gone a majority of the time,” said Josh Morningstar, co-writer of the song.

Rebecca Is His Muse, Despite Being A Harsh Critic

Rebecca has always been Cody’s source of love and support. Not only that, but she was a major inspiration for several songs on his album ‘After The Fire.’

His song ‘Yesterday Again’ is about making atonement for not always being there for his wife and wants to make up for lost time.

‘Dreamed with One,’ for example, is a charming love song that expresses his profound affection for his wife, and ‘Someone to You,’ illustrates his desire to be someone to his wife rather than someone to the rest of the world. His songs unmistakably express his love and affection for his wife.

Rebecca has collaborated on a few songs with him.

When Jinks met Rebecca, he most likely hit the jackpot. Why? She is also a co-writer of his few songs, in addition to being a critic and inspiration.

The first entire song he wrote with his wife is called “William and Wanda.” It’s a beautiful song about his grandfather and grandmother reunited in paradise.

Another song created by the duo, ‘Never Alone Always Lonely,’ provided insight into Jinks’ thoughts on his life. Because she saw both sides of him — a family man and a musician — his wife assisted him in writing the song.