Cory Williams

Cory Williams

Do you know Who is Cory Williams?

Cory Williams is a YouTube personality, vlogger, Let’s Play commentator, comedian, and charity fundraiser from the United States. Cory Williams has a YouTube channel called ‘CoryxKenshin.’ Since launching his channel on April 26, 2009, CoryxKenshin has received over 3 billion views and 6.8 million subscribers.

Quick Facts: Cory Williams

Full Name:Cory Williams
Age:28 years
Birthday:02 Nov
Birthplace:United States
Wife:Kristen Williams
Net Worth:$6 million
Height:6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
Sibling:Two (Aleya and Anthony)

Cory Williams: Early Life and Family

On November 9th, 1992, Cory Williams was born. He was born in the American city of Detroit, Michigan. His astrological sign is Scorpio, and he is of American descent. Cory Devante Williams is his full name. He is currently 27 years old. Anthony K. Williams Jr., a Ford Motor Company employee, and Stephanie are Cory Williams’ parents. He also has two younger siblings, Aleya, a sister, and Anthony, a brother. He is deeply religious and frequently ends his videos with Bible verses.

Education Details

Cory William received his education at Michigan State University, where he studied Media Arts and graduated in 2012. From 2012 to 2016, he attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where he majored in Computer Science (Game Development), but dropped out to pursue a full-time career on YouTube.

Cory Williams Net worth, Earnings

Cory Williams has a $6 million net worth. It’s from his YouTube channel, CoryxKenshin. As of 2020, the channel had over 6 million subscribers and was adding 8,000 new subscribers every day, with over 2.9 billion views. New videos are added to the channel almost every day. Every day, it receives an average of 2.2 million views from people all over the world. Advertisements should generate approximately $11,000 per day ($4 million per year). Cory earns extra money by selling merchandise on his website.

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Cory Williams Dating Life (Relationship)

From 2009 to 2011, Cory Williams was married to YouTuber Stephanie Roby. He and his then-girlfriend Kristen Williams moved from Los Angeles, California to Anchorage, Alaska in July 2014. They married in 2015 and welcomed their first child, Chell Marie, in June 2016. They welcomed Atlas Cade, a son born two years before, in June 2018.

How Tall is Cory Williams? Weight, Hair Color

Cory Williams stands at 6 feet 3 inches. His weight, dress size, shoe size, and body measurements have yet to be determined. He has a slightly chubby physique. Cory also has dark brown eyes and black curly hair. Furthermore, he has a dark complexion.

Professional Career

  • CoryxKenshin uploaded his first video on May 25, 2009, at the age of 16, in which he discussed girls, dating, and the movie Hitch. When he first started on YouTube, he was primarily a vlogger. He focused his content on his school life and then on college life, frequently editing in snippets of videos of himself and his friends.
  • He used to post videos once or twice a week, and that hasn’t changed much. They can occasionally become even more sporadic. In late 2011, he left YouTube, only to return in April 2013.
  • In October 2013, he recorded himself playing White Finger, a short survival horror/slasher game. His first game series was for the sports game Super Punch-Out, which was released in 1994.
  • Another YouTuber, Caillou Pettis, assisted him in obtaining YouTube verification in 2015. CoryxKenshin posted the video Try Not To Laugh Challenge… on July 6, 2017. FAMILY TEARS… TEARS is his most popular video to date, with over 14 million views.
  • Since 2013, CoryxKenshin has finally found his footing. He had 700,000 subscribers in July 2016, and by October, one of them had agreed to become a samurai on November 19, 2016. CoryxKenshin has opened a store on Spreadshirt, selling hoodies, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and mobile covers.
  • He has created several fundraising videos for Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

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