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Net Worth: $ 1.51K



The well-known YouTuber CreepsMcPasta was of English and Filipino ancestry when he was born in England on May 21, 1991.

Having launched his YouTube channel in 2012, he has amassed more than 1.7 million subscribers. His channel primarily consists of “creepypasta” stories, which are copies of horror-related internet images or stories. These tales, which primarily deal with murder and suicide, are meant to frighten the audience. When the New York Times featured it in 2010, this genre had its highest level of popularity. The most well-known characters from these tales are Ted the Caver, Jeff the Killer, and Slender Man.

CreepsMcPasta: Early Life and Family

It is not surprising that CreepyMcPasta’s real name is still unknown to this day given his reputation as someone who loves his anonymity highly. His decision to share details of his life before becoming well-known on his YouTube channel in a video titled “Draw my life” is the only information about his private life that is known. CreepsMcPasta was raised by his English father and a Filipino mother in a tiny town in England. His mother was married in the Philippines and has a son and a daughter; her first husband was murdered and killed. Both of his parents were previously married and had families. His father has a son from a prior marriage.

The parents of a YouTuber initially corresponded via letters after meeting through a dating service before deciding to start dating and tie the knot. CreepsMcPasta claimed that after his mother left for England, his parents soon gave birth to him and his twin brother, whom he refers to as Pasta. He claimed that having twins caught his parents off guard because they had only planned to have one child, but they eventually learned to deal with the situation.

CreepyMcPasta’s father, a graphic artist, had to work multiple jobs to maintain his family because they never had much money. He had to play with the used toys that his elder siblings or friends had given him because they had central heating and his parents were unable to buy him new toys. His family was already doing well by the time he started high school, and he even got his first job buying candy from a nearby shop and selling it to his classmates for a little bit more money. With this money, he was able to purchase a PES 2, which gave him great joy.

Social Media

Three thousand and three hundred followers follow him on Instagram. He decided to go public with his identity and genuine face on this account, and he now frequently posts photos of himself and his dog Jojo. Additionally, CreepyMcPasta has accounts on Facebook and Twitter, with about 29,000 and 44,000 followers each.

Education Details

He was severely impacted by his parents’ ongoing arguments and struggled in high school, earning largely Cs. Two years after starting college since he didn’t have enough points to enroll in university, CreepyMcPasta left after a year because he was spending most of his time playing games on his Xbox 60 with his pals. His twin brother, in contrast to him, attended college and graduated.

CreepyMcPasta then made the decision that he wanted to make video games, but he quickly found that while having a lot of energy, he couldn’t concentrate. As a result, he returned to college and spent two years studying business. His realization that he didn’t want to pursue video game creation or go to college came as a result of this event.

Professional Career Of CreepsMcPasta

At the age of 15, CreepyMcPasta launched his first YouTube account in 2006. He was a major fan of the video game “Call of Duty” and subscribed to many YouTube channels that discussed it. Additionally, he adored the program “Sanity Not Included,” which sparked his interest in voice acting. He began watching fellow YouTuber Mister Creepy Pasta, who featured different storytellers in his spring break spooktacular stories on his channel. was included after sending him a tale.

He was able to launch his channel in 2012 after spending a lot of time learning by himself and following YouTube instructions, and he is now among the most well-known YouTubers. His videos feature his favorites as well as creepypasta, horror lists, deep web stories, and stories he has written. The most watched videos are “How Monsters Are Made” and “3 Creepypastas That’ll Make You Never Want To Sleep.”

CreepsMcPasta Net Worth 2023

According to reliable sources, as of mid-2019, CreepyMcPasta’s estimated net worth was over $1 million, mostly amassed from his internet activities over the previous ten years.

CreepsMcPasta Height & Weight

His weight and height are currently unknown, but he has black hair and eyes.

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