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Cryaotic (CryWasTaken)

Biography of Cryaotic (CryWasTaken)

Unknown as his real name, Cryaotic was born in New York City, USA, on June 11, 1989, making him a Gemini by birth and an American citizen. He used to go by the name ChaoticMonki and is well-known for his Let’s Play video uploads on YouTube.

Childhood and education

He claimed to be of mixed heritage, including German, Italian, Irish, Cherokee, Scottish, and French in one of his videos titled “Dead Night with Cry and Russ 6/21/14 Part 6,” but nobody knows how that appears because Cryaotic hasn’t posted a photo of himself online. Nothing concerning his early years has been disclosed to the public, and neither is known about his parents or siblings. He reportedly had a fairly typical upbringing and grew up playing video games.

He allegedly graduated from a local high school in New York, but instead of enrolling in college and pursuing a degree, he chose to concentrate on his YouTube career.

Employment as a YouTuber

On March 14, 2006, Cryaotic launched his YouTube channel, which has since gained close to three million subscribers and nearly 500 million total views. The channel primarily features Let’s Play videos of independent, adventure, and horror games, though Cryaotic occasionally reads short stories and internet tales in his videos as well.

In addition to creating his videos, Cryaotic is well-known for his work with other YouTubers. PewDiePie, who now has the second-highest subscribers on YouTube, is one of the most well-known YouTubers with whom he has collaborated. One characteristic that sets Cryaotic distinct from most other YouTubers is that he adopts the role of the gaming character he plays, which adds intrigue to his viewers. An illustration of this would be when he exclaimed, “Honey! “Honey, you’re creeping me out!” or “There’s a head in the toilet!” He was playing a horror game when he asked himself, “Why did I marry that woman?

Additionally, Cryaotic is quite active on the Twitch network, where his channel has more than 205 videos and close to 800,000 subscribers.

On Saturday nights at 11 p.m. on his Twitch channel, he and his friend Russ Money present the live broadcast known as “Late Night with Cry and Russ,” which lasts for about eight hours. The Late Night Crew, sometimes known as LNC, is made up of Cryaotic, Russ, Scott Jund, and Snake.

The fans are gathered

Due to his allegedly “angelic” voice and “sweet” nature, Cryaotic has also amassed a sizable following, with naturally the majority of these followers being female. His “Hangover Cure” video appeared to be a hit with the ladies because his subscriber count quickly increased after he narrated the love tale between himself and his friend Russ Money.

Fans also like him because he makes time for them and doesn’t act like a “popular” person, which is another factor. Every day, he spends 30 minutes reading the notes from his followers and responding to as many as he can.

The enigma regarding Cryaotic’s face

Another aspect of Cryaotic’s uniqueness is that, although sharing his location and a few other personal facts with the public, he has never revealed his true name or appeared in any of his films.

It’s been hotly debated whether or not Cryaotic should reveal his face; some people want to know how he appears, while others would rather keep it a secret. But anytime Cryaotic reads a comment requesting him to reveal himself, he either ignores it or becomes irate because he doesn’t like being asked to do so.

The current best description of Cryaotic’s appearance came from his friend Scott, who said that Cryaotic is a 300-pound Viking with four limbs and three nipples, blonde hair, and blonde skin.

How did he come up with the moniker “Cryaotic”?

When asked by a fan how he came up with the name, Cryaotic explained that as a young boy playing the “Call of Duty” shooting game, he saw a person with the nickname “Cryaosin”; he loved the name and began using it for his “World of Warcraft” character. Before that, he went by the moniker ChaoticMonki, so he combined the two and created Cryaotic.

Relationships and one’s personal life

He explained that he is pansexual, which allows him to date both men and women, in one of his videos titled “Cry Talks: Fish Answers,” and that he solely considers a person’s personality while dating them.

The YouTuber hasn’t verified it, but according to his fans, he dated someone for more than six months before breaking things off with her. Another version claims that he has been seeing Cheyenne Avila, a fellow “Twitcher,” continuously since 2010. Which version is true, if either, is another unsolved enigma in his life? He has never been married and has never had children.

Fanart depicting Cryaotic

Because Cryaotic never shows his face in his videos, a lot of people have drawn portraits of him. These images come in a special category known as “The Crys,” which represents the shifting moods of the character Cryaotic. He frequently alters his personality depending on the mood, emotional condition, or character he is portraying. Based on it, his followers have created a variety of miniature portraits of his personality, such as Mad and Virus, which are shown as the wicked and icy extremes of Cryaotic.

The three personas that Cryaotic most frequently assumes are:

In the video game MadCry, the character Cryaotic has his mouth open and his razor-sharp teeth on display. It is often shown combating the real Cryaotic, who adopts this character when he starts killing NPCs in games violently and laughing like a mentally ill patient. It is thought to be the evil counterpart of Cryaotic.

The second-most popular Cryaotic mood is called VirusCry; it has a mystery personality somewhat similar to MadCry but with a blue color scheme rather than red and a closed mouth, but the teeth are still visible.
The most recent identity of Cryaotic to be identified is DrunkCry; this persona only manifests when Cryaotic begins live streaming while extremely inebriated. His most recent two “Rules of Rose” gameplays demonstrate this persona.

Body Measurement and Net worth

At the moment, Cryaotic is 29 years old. Although he has never displayed his face in his videos, the public does know that he wears glasses and that he has blue eyes and doesn’t have brown hair. He has also previously said that “seeing through a cleaned set of spectacles is like HD” (as he stated during one of his videos as well).

According to reliable sources, Cryaotic currently earns the majority of his money from his YouTube channel, with the other two coming from his Twitch channel and his online store. His current net worth is reported to be over $500,000 and is steadily increasing.

Social Media

Additionally, Cryaotic is quite active on other well-known social media sites. He started a Twitter account in July 2013 and has since amassed over 400,000 followers and sent out more than 11,000 tweets. Although he has published about 950 photographs on his Instagram account, just approximately 100 people follow him there. He also has a Facebook profile, which has more than 30,000 followers.

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