Daniela Rajic

Daniela Rajic

Do you know Who is Daniela Rajic?

Daniela Rajic was born on November 12, 1990, in Queens, New York City, USA, and is a model and dancer who rose to prominence due to her affair with famed National Basketball Association (NBA) player Paul George. They’ve been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2013, and have a daughter named Olive.

Daniela Rajic Wiki

Daniela has kept much of her childhood private, but she is of Serbian descent and was born and reared in the United States, in Queens. Daniela’s background is shrouded in mystery; the media has yet to learn who her parents are or whether she has any siblings, though she is thought to have a sister named Kristina Rajic. In terms of schooling, Daniela graduated from the University of Miami in 2014 and appears to be pursuing a career as a doctor.


Daniela needed a job to put herself through school, so she began looking for employment in strip clubs in the Miami area, where she was employed by Tootsies, a well-known strip club. She became quite popular at the club, and several celebrities, like Paul George, got in touch with her. They began dating, and Daniela fell pregnant after only a few months. Paul tried to get Daniela to abort the child and paid her a million dollars, but Daniela refused and gave birth to the couple’s daughter Olive on May 1, 2013. Following the child’s birth, George requested a paternity test while simultaneously requesting sole custody of the child. The drama ended in 2014, and the couple has been together since then.

Net Worth

Daniela rose to national prominence after her connection with Paul George was made public, which undoubtedly aided her career; nonetheless, Daniela is far more focused on being a mother than a successful businesswoman or doctor, which she first desired. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Daniela Rajic is as of mid-2018? According to reliable sources, Daniela’s individual net worth is unknown, but she and her wealthy boyfriend, Paul, have a fortune worth more than $40 million.

Relationship Status

Despite the misunderstandings and break-ups, the two have maintained their relationship and are now residing in Oklahoma, where George is a member of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. Daniela has been caring for their daughter, and the couple had their second child, Natasha, in November 2017. The couple appears to have been living a good life together since then.

Social Media

Daniela has over 40,000 followers on Instagram, which she uses to discuss recent events from her personal life, such as the birth of her second baby, but also time spent with George, such as one time when they visited Yankee Stadium, among many other images. Daniela is not active on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

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