Danielle Campbell of ‘All American’ fame and her boyfriend Colin Woodell are a ‘couple goals’ couple.

Danielle Campbell, who stars in the film “All American,” has been dating Colin Woodell, a fellow actor. The actress frequently posts photos of her partner on social media, and he reciprocates.

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell, her longterm boyfriend, are the definition of relationship goals.

The lovely couple has been seen together since 2014, and their friendship and relationship has progressed hand in hand. In October of this year, the Unfriended 2 star even turned to Instagram to announce that he and Campbell had been friends for five years.
Woodell shared a couple of photos of the two in a candid Halloween celebration post, one from now and one from five years ago on Halloween day in 2014.

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell celebrating Halloween in October 2019 (Photo: Instagram)

The post’s caption was as follows:

“Turning back the clock 5 years. Happy Halloween!! #pukingpumpkin #masterpiece #stilldoinghashtags. “

Furthermore, each time the couple takes a photo and posts it on social media, it rapidly becomes fuel for debate.

Campbell’s ardent fans have developed special fan profiles for her, where everything about the actress is updated, including love photos of Campbell and Woodell.

For example, on February 28, 2021, a Twitter fan account with the login “@TeamDanielleCam” and the account name “Danielle Campbell Fan” uploaded a message with a picture of Campbell and Woodell along with a text description.
In the picture, the actor was kissing the actress.

The message implied that the photo was taken from the actress’s Instagram story that day. “#daniellecampbell Instagram story 2/28,” the caption read.

Furthermore, the pair is aware of significant days, as they do not forget to express their love for one another on special events such as birthdays.
On December 20, 2020, the Originals actress came to Instagram to wish her partner a happy birthday. She included a candid photo of Woodell with the birthday message.

Similarly, Campbell, who turns 30 on January 30, was flooded with lovely words on her special day.

Her actor boyfriend wished her a happy birthday on Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday to my favorite human.”

The actress was taken with the post and commented, “I adore you far too much.”

From late 2015 to early 2017, the Tell Me a Story actress dated One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson.

Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson in April 2016 (Photo: Instagram)

Campbell first met Tomlinson in November 2015, when he was expecting his first kid, Freddie, with ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth.

They confirmed their romance the following year, in April, by posting a photo of Tomlinson kissing the actress.

Their love, however, was short-lived, and they divorced in January 2017.

“Louis and Danielle have made the decision to separate up, but they will still be friends,” a close insider confirmed to The Sun. They’re still speaking to each other, and there’s no ill will between them.”