Davey Havok’s Sleeve Tattoos Were Blacked Out For What Reason?

“I’m always changing, and it’s an attempt to hide terrible mistakes by making even worse ones.”

Davey Havok, the lead singer of extreme punk rock bands such as A Fire Inside and Blaqk Audio, used to have a lot of tattoos on his body, especially his arms. He had his sleeve tattoos blacked out in 2016 for a very personal reason.

Havok’s Sleeve Tattoos are Blacked Out for a Reason

Havok has spoken out a few times about why he wears his sleeves blacked out. In November 2016, the vocalist shared his side of the tale on an episode of Deeper Interview with Nikki Sixx.

The musician informed Nikki that he has been dissatisfied with his tattoos for years, forcing him to wear full-sleeve t-shirts all the time. He claimed at the time that his hatred for tattoos stemmed from the fact that their cultural meaning had evolved through time, and they had come to signify something he was not a part of.

The trend of people blacking out their sleeves in the 1990s also inspired his decision to do so. The musician explained to Sixx that his blacked-out sleeves were the consequence of combining these two concepts.

The singer said in the interview that he talked to his good friend and mentor, R.J. Lime Peters, before blacking out his arm, and that he was encouraged to go forward with the move.

But there was more to this decision that he had yet to reveal. In a February 2017 interview with The Washington Times, Havok discussed how he was always changing, and that blacking out his sleeves was one of those changes.

He stated he was still working on covering up his sleeves “I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it or how far I’ll go with it. As you know, I’m always changing, and it’s an attempt to hide terrible decisions by making even worse ones. That is how I conduct myself in life.”

The interviewer then inquired as to whether he was attempting to erase his past. The singer said, “No, I don’t think so.” “History cannot be erased, but it can be concealed. Underneath the scars, it still exists.”

Tattoos by Davey Havok

Nearly half of the singer’s body is covered in tattoos. The rockstar’s fiery heart tattoo on his chest is the most eye-catching of them all. Six nautical stars surround the blazing heart, and daggers point downward run down the sides of his ribcage.

The singer’s back is adorned with an equally spectacular tattoo. He possesses colossal black wings that cover a significant chunk of his back. The artist’s wings emerge from between his shoulder blades and descend to his hips.

Let’s talk about his arm tattoos, which he has recently covered with a black cover. His arms were covered in jack-o-lanterns, black cats, witches, and ghouls, resembling the characters from The Night Before Christmas.

The tattoos have now been covered up. However, this is not totally true. The black coatings are organized into a design. Cracks appear between large black patches on his arms, revealing some of the previous tattoos behind all that blackness.

Could he have chosen this choice to virtually reaffirm his beliefs about the past always being present? Was it purely a stylistic decision? We’re not sure, but they appear to be quite cool.