David Bromstad : Legal Battle with His Boyfriend

David Bromstad separation from long-term boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko invited a civil lawsuit and serious allegations.

David Bromstad

Since 2004, David Bromstad has been in a committed relationship with Jeffrey Glasko. However, the decade-long relationship ended in a way that no one could have predicted — a legal battle filled with slanderous accusations.

David Bromstad boyfriend was the one who filed the lawsuit.

The beginning of Bromstad and Glasko’s relationship was like something out of a fairytale. They fell in love soon after meeting at a Valentine’s Day singles party in 2004. The Color Splash host and his police officer boyfriend have even moved in together. They had no idea that after a decade together, they would split up in bad blood in 2015.
Soon after their divorce, his ex-partner sued him in civil court for breach of an oral nuptial-like cohabitation contract. He also requested that the condo they shared be divided. The demands, on the other hand, were not as surprising as the reasons he gave for their split.
Glasko claimed that the Design Star winner abandoned him emotionally and financially after becoming involved with [expletive] and drugs. Meanwhile, a circuit court judge in Miami-Dade County declared the allegations null and void, claiming they were the “most scandalous” claims he had ever heard.

As a result, Glasko amended the allegations and filed a new case in December 2015. He claimed that the interior designer had spent their joint funds on drugs and prostitutes in 2010. He also claimed that his partner’s actions had caused them to lose trust and confidence in one another.
The judge ruled against him once more, dismissing his breach of contract claim. Bromstad, on the other hand, denied all charges and declined to comment further. His lawyer, William V. Roppolo, announced the outcome of the case, claiming that the “salacious claims were made by a desperate person.”

In 2016, David Bromstad began dating a new man.

Bromstad resumed dating in 2016. Despite keeping his partner’s identity hidden, he posted photos of him on his Instagram account. On June 8, 2016, he posted his first Instagram photo with his boyfriend. Then, on July 5, 2016, he posted a photo of his make-up-covered face with the caption, “My boyfriend did my make-up.”
The American designer last shared a photo of them together in August 2015. He shared a photo of a cake and revealed that it was made by his beau for his birthday.

He believes in gay rights.

The television personality is open about his sexual orientation. In 2013, he hosted a fundraising event for the Salvation Army. It was an act in support of gay equality and the rights of the LGBT community. In 2019, he also marched in the Amsterdam Pride Parade. On February 4, 2021, the My Lottery Dream Home host posted a photo of himself wearing a white tee, a pink faux fur coat, and rainbow-colored tie-dyed pants. He also urged his followers to be themselves and not to be judged by others because they are different.

Revealed His Ethnicity and Age

Diane Marlys Bromstad Krueger and Richard Harold David Bromstad gave birth to the Cokato, Minnesota native on August 17, 1973. He is of mixed ethnicity because his father is Norwegian and his mother is Swedish and German. He is the youngest of three siblings: Dean Richard, Dynelle Renee, and Dyonne Rachael.