Despite being married with children, Neil Sedaka was rumored to be gay.

Despite being happily married for over half a century, Neil Sedaka has been accused of being gay on several occasions.

Neil Sedaka, an American pop singer who has been a part of Hollywood for a long time, has had his fair share of rumors. Speculations about his being gay are arguably the strangest of them all. It’s strange considering the Grammy Award winner has been married to his wife for 57 years. The pair has even raised two fully grown children together.

So why is the singer supposed to be gay despite marrying a woman of the opposite gender? What sparked all of these theories about the star’s position? Continue reading to learn more!

Gay rumors began after Howard Greenfield’s collaboration

The late Howard Greenfield and Neil Sedaka’s musical partnership is hailed as a watershed moment in rock & roll history. Their collaboration lasted over two decades, resulting in some of the most endearing tunes of the Brill Building era, as well as millions of records sold.

This long-term partnership, however, sparked some conjecture about Sedaka’s political leanings.

Greenfield was openly gay at the time, prompting speculation that the American pianist was also gay. The ‘Oh! Carol’ singer, on the other hand, preferred to remain mute and never responded to the rumors.

The myth was put to rest when he married his now-wife, Leba Sedaka.

Following the release of the singer-2016 songwriter’s album, I Do It For Applause, similar suspicions surfaced after more than half a century.

The 2006 Long Island Music Hall of Fame inductee talked of a young male stud’s enticing attractiveness in the album’s song “Super Hottie.” ‘Should I Begin The Dance,’ a tango about a male brothel, was another song.

Because of his daring and spicy lyrics, there was a lot of discussion about whether he was gay or not. Sedaka, however, remained silent and did not respond to the question, as he had done previously.

His Wife’s Secret to a Happy Marriage

While his sexual orientation is still being debated in online forums, the reality remains that the Grammy-winning singer is married. On September 11, 1962, the Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee exchanged vows with his long-time wife, Leba Sedaka.
After a year, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter called Dara Felice Sedaka, on June 26, 1963.

After four years, the family of three grew even larger with the arrival of their second child, a son named Mark Charles Sedaka, in 1967. Since then, the four-person family has been living in peace and enjoying their time together.

In addition, when his son Mark married his partner, Samantha Sedaka, and welcomed three children, the famed record producer’s family grew even larger.

When asked by Dailymail about the key to his long marriage, the musician said that he has always respected and loved his partner.

He also said that he and his wife had gone through a lot of ups and downs together, struggling, crying, and laughing.

“As for the secret of his own long-standing marriage? You have to really like and respect the person, besides love them. We’ve been through ups and downs, we’ve struggled, laughed, and cried together. It’s partnership and friendship.”

Grandparent with a High Net Worth

Sedaka took to Instagram on July 24, 2021, to express his pride as a grandfather whose grandchildren were headed to college. In total, he has two children and three grandchildren.

Sedaka finds time to promote his New York Times Bestselling children’s book, Dinosaur Pet, when he is not spending time with his beloved family. He spends a lot of time on social media. He posts about his family while he isn’t performing mini-concerts.

Neil Sedaka’s net worth is believed to be $100 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. This isn’t surprising, given that he’s written or co-authored over 500 songs and sold millions of records.