Despite certain setbacks such as divorce and domestic arrest, Arcangel appears to have strong familial ties.

Austin Agustin Santos nicknamed Archangel’s life has been a roller coaster with domestic violence charges, underlying health issues, and kids on the bay.

Austin Agustin Santos nicknamed Arcangel’s life has been a roller coaster with domestic violence charges, underlying health issues, and kids on the bay.

The Dominican singer’s social media accounts suggest that he and his family have a close relationship.

Arrested on suspicion of domestic battery

In April 2019, Arcangel made news for a domestic violence scandal, for which he was even jailed. According to the police report, Arcangel kicked a woman—possibly his future partner—after a heated dispute.
The singer admitted that his boyfriend did not approve of him talking to other ladies. He said it started with an argument and ended with a ‘little kick thing.’ The singer’s lawyer also stated that his partner did not agree with the police’s findings.

Additionally, the accused’s attorney, Edwin Prado, alleged that the singer and his ladylove had a lovers’ spat. The attorney further stated that the entire situation was a result of a misunderstanding.

Arcangel savagely kicked his fiancée, according to a surveillance video taken by a Las Vegas police officer. She was said to have collided with a wall as a result of the kick.
Finally, the singer was arrested for domestic abuse, and he was released on $3000 bond.

He has a close relationship with his children

Despite the charges of marital violence, the Reggaeton musician is known to be close to his children and family.

From his first marriage to Alejandra Pascual, he has a son named Austin Alejandro. With his second wife, Janexsy, he has a daughter, Angelica Lucero, and a stepson.
The adoring father shared this wonderful photo with his daughter on September 16, 2020. He congratulated her and ended the photo with a sweet comment.

“Lucero showing me the things she wants for her room, La Nina has good taste. She is a very good daughter and deserves that and More. [Translated] “

On August 22, 2020, Arcangel made a new post. The singer was accompanied by his lovely children in the post. The proud and protective father said in the post that he would do everything for them.

“Used to be a war Child! Now I am a Man of the Family. Much more dangerous, because I do whatever it takes for them! [Translated] “