Emily Riedel

Emily Riedel

Do you know Who is Emily Riedel?

Emily Riedel, a gold miner and opera singer, was born on July 4, 1988, in Homer, Alaska. She has been featured on the reality television program “Bering Sea Gold,” which has been broadcast on the Discovery Channel since 2012.

Emily recently purchased a dredge ship called Eroica, which has really aided her in her commercial endeavors. She had previously worked on Zeke Tenhoff’s vessel, The Clark.

Emily Riedel: Early Life and Family

Emily is the child of renowned ship captain Steve Riedel, who has worked on the Wild Ranger and the Minnows, and who is also a participant in the reality program “Bering Sea Gold.” The media still doesn’t know who her mother is. Every member of the Riedel family is involved in the fishing industry and has responsibilities in this regard. But it was just enough to pay the bills and live a basic life.

Education Details

Emily, who preferred classical and opera music and desired more for herself than that basic existence in Alaska, developed an interest in music after graduating from high school. She then enrolled in the University of North Carolina’s School of Arts, where she studied voice.

Professional Career

Emily began pursuing a career as an opera singer while she was a student. She made a few significant appearances before discovering that she couldn’t sustain herself financially with her singing profession alone. Later, she received a call from a friend that permanently altered her life. Zeke Tenhoff suggested she go to Nome, Alaska, so she could join him on his dredging ship and search for gold in the Bering Sea. With just $300 in her pocket, Emily took him up on his offer and traveled to Nome.

Emily joined Zeke’s crew on his ship The Clark, where they grew close and their friendship evolved into something more. When the A&E network’s producers decided to invite Zeke, Emily, and other Nome gold miners including Steve Pomrenke, Ian Foster, and Vernon Adkison to join the cast of the reality series “Bering Sea Gold,” their collaboration gave them recognition and wealth.

For the first two seasons of the show, which debuted in 2012, Emily worked as a deckhand on her buddy Zeke’s ship, “The Clark.” However, during the second season, Emily had earned enough money to buy her own ship, and is now the owner and captain of the Eroica, and since the third season has been looking for gold with her own crew.

Emily Riedel Net worth, Earnings

Emily gained success outside of opera singing even if it wasn’t enough to live comfortably. Now that she is a prosperous ship’s captain, Emily has made a respectable living from her new career. Have you ever questioned Emily Riedel’s net worth as of 2018’s first quarter? Riedel’s net worth is reportedly as high as $250,000, including assets like her boat, according to reliable sources. As she successfully pursues her job in the years to come, her fortune will undoubtedly continue to rise.

Emily Riedel Dating Life (Relationship)

There isn’t much information available on Emily’s personal life because she is one of the famous people who choose to keep such things private. Though the two had to collaborate until 2017, fans, media, and other people were privy to her romantic connection with Zeke Tenhoff, which was filled with drama and frequent arguments but ultimately ended in a separation.

Zeke didn’t have a ship of his own, and Emily didn’t have enough money to sustain his gold-mining operations. Fortunately, the two agreed it would be better for them to work together after setting aside their differences.

Social Media

You can find Emily on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a fan base of approximately 70,000, Emily has mostly used her official Facebook page to interact with her followers and provide information on her most recent professional accomplishments as well as personal data. With over 14,000 followers, Emily is also highly active on her official Twitter account, where her professional and then personal opinions and ideas have been well received. Emily is also familiar with Instagram, but she only has 9,000 followers there.

Therefore, if you aren’t already a fan of this well-known gold miner and reality TV star, now is a great time to do so.

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