Ethan Andrew

Ethan Andrew

Ethan Andrew is a popular social media figure in the United States, well known for his unique and amusing TikTok videos. Ethan Andrew is also well-known on YouTube and Instagram.

Quick Facts: Ethan Andrew

Full Name:Ethan Andrew
Age:16 years
Birthday:07 Sep
Birthplace:Dallas, Texas
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:Tiktok star, Instagram star, YouTuber
Sibling:Two (brother and sister)

Ethan Andrew Age & Early Life

Ethan Andrew was born on September 7, 2005. His given name is Ethan Rhett. He was born in Dallas, Texas, and holds American citizenship. His family consists of a younger brother and a sister, the names of whom are unknown. Furthermore, considering his age, he might be in school right now.

Ethan Andrew’s Relationship

He is now saying that despite knowing he was a child, James sent him sexual images. Ethan and a buddy discuss Ethan’s experiences with James in the lone YouTube video submitted to his channel. He reveals that he began contacting James when a friend dared him to enter his direct messages.

Ethan Andrew said that he had planned to “troll” the beauty influencer with the encounter, but James began to message him back. He claims James encouraged him to add him on Snapchat instead of Instagram not long into their DMs, and he supplied evidence they were friends on the platform.

Ethan Andrew alleges that not long after they started conversing, James started emailing him nudes and repeatedly rejected his requests to meet him in Los Angeles via Ethan. Ethan alleges James intimidated him when he asked him to stop sending him images. He also alleges that the TikToker James described in a Logan Paul podcast episode alluded to him.

Many people have accused Ethan of lying in the comments section of his video. Many of the screenshots of his communications with James showed only James’ words, and some believe he erased his chats to back up his narrative. Others in the comments speculate that Jeffree Star paid Ethan to produce the video.

This is related to a story in which Jeffree possesses a voice memo that reportedly proves James sexually abused someone. James has yet to reply to the claims brought against him, while Ethan has continued to release films in his defense. Ethan has recruited the assistance of attorneys and law enforcement, according to Dennis Feitosa.

Body Measurement Of Ethan Andrew

Ethan is a heterosexual man who has yet to discover love. He is still a young guy of 15, focused on his profession and education. Ethan Andrew has plenty of time to find himself the right mate. He is now unattached and concentrating on his early career.

This gorgeous man has not revealed any of his physique measurements. He does, however, stand tall and is of average height for his body type. He’s maintained his physique in shape and beauty. He also has brown wavy hair and hazel eyes.

Professional Career Of Ethan Andrew

  • He opted to pursue a career as a social media celebrity. He is a popular TikTok user with the username ‘@ethaanz.’ He has almost 330K followers on Instagram. On the platform, he is well-known for publishing lip-sync and humor videos.
  • He saw an upsurge in admirers over the summer of 2019. He has also developed TikTok videos with other TikTok stars. As a result, he recorded a duet with Gabriella Fernandez. He filmed a video with the song “TEAM” by Xavier Weeks.
  • Similarly, he is well-known for his eye-catching and attractive images, which he shares on his Instagram account ‘@e.thanandrew. His account has almost 28.2K followers. He has also earned hundreds of likes on each of his postings.
  • He has his own YouTube account as well. His channel has around 8.41K subscribers. Furthermore, he formally launched the channel on May 1, 2019. According to his YouTube bio:
  • “Thank you for visiting my channel! 14-year-old doing awesome vids for you fine people. Make sure to click the subscribe button; you won’t be sorry:)”

Social Media

He is known as ‘@e.thanandrew’ on Instagram and Snapchat. He has over 28.2K followers on Instagram. His YouTube account, which bears his name, has over 8.41K subscribers. Likewise, his TikTok account has over 330.1K followers and over 2.7 million likes.

The youthful and gifted celebrity surely generates money with his social media presence. He has not, however, made his profits public.

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