Evelyn Braxton Has a Dozen Grandkids

Evelyn Braxton calls herself the ‘MomMoms’ of her twelve grandkids.

It is Evelyn Braxton, the mother of the Braxton family, who is the leader of them all. They are all Grammy Award winners and nominees. They are also part of the musical group The Braxtons and  also the stars of the popular reality TV show Braxton Family Values, which has been very popular.
Braxton family are also mothers in their own right, so Evelyn has become a grandmother to 12 grandchildren. As a former opera singer, the grandmother of her grandchildren calls herself the “Mom Moms.” Her oldest daughter, Toni Braxton, gave Evelyn two grandsons. There are a dozen other grandchildren.

When they were younger, Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis was Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis. Born on December 2, 2001: Born on March 30, 2003, Diezel Braxton-Lewis is the younger one, and she is named after her mother. His name is Kevin Surratt Junior. Evelyn’s second daughter, Traci Braxton, has one son named Kevin Surratt Jr.
Trina Braxton has two kids: Eric Mojica and Caleb Mojica. She is now moving on to her third daughter. It says Eric, who is a huge fan of music and a “future punk rock god,” was born on May 1, 1995. His brother, Mojica, has a birthday on March 30, and he has a party. She has another daughter, Towanda Braxton, who is a mother of two. She has two children. It is her son’s birthday on November 1, and he was born in 2005. A year after that, his younger sister Brooke was born. She was born on December 28, 2006.

Evelyn Braxton always sends birthday wishes to her grandchildren.

She usually shows her grandchildren how much she cares by posting birthday messages on Instagram. She sends birthday greetings to all of her grandchildren, even if it’s a little late. In 2019, the “MomMoms” even made a birthday post for her late granddaughter, Lauren, who died. She wrote that she was thinking about Lauren on the day of the big event. Evelyn already has a lot of skills and is already very good at them.
A great-grandchild was given to Evelyn by her grandmother Kevin Surratt Jr. and his partner, Olivia Haaron, the very first time around. Were born on April 24, 2018. They called him Kevin Surrat III, or “K3” as they call him in the family.
The whole Braxton family, including Evelyn, came to K3’s birthday party, which was put back until August.